Seiously Palawan

Last week, I was invited to attend the general assembly of Save Palawan Movement, a group of individuals headed by ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. Managing Director Gina Lopez. And at the gathering which was attended by a number of concern citizens from different aspects of the community, I learned something. Saving Palawan is one serious dream that we all have to work for.

Lately, we usually see TV commercials, especially on ABS-CBN, pertaining to this advocacy. TV commercials asking for our help to save Palawan  from those mining industry who keeps on digging and collecting every mineral they could get from it. And that day, as I didn't thought to expect, I witness a deeper agenda of the problem, which I'll be sharing to you.

Yous see, Save Palawan Movement started from gathering signatures, 10 million signatures to be exact a few years back, and now that they are almost there, it proved one thing, that there are a lot of people who are really concerned about this issue. But this signature campaign just doesn't ends there. We gotta work it all out to make sure that no single mining company, may it be local or foreign, would be granted to dig deeper into the very gifted land of Palawan.

I've seen effects of this devilish act, and just like what everyone felt that morning, my heart was torn into pieces when we saw this little girl who is about to loose her ability to walk because of the chemical brought by these mining. 

Only if we could just turn back time right? Unfortunately, it seems that there's no cure for her leg now, and learning how bubbly and intelligent that poor little kid, just made me hate the mining in Palawan even more.

I know we can't do that much as an individual, but if we just hold on together, so that the government would hear us, in God's time, we will be able to keep the beautiful Palawan away from harm as well as the beautiful people on this island.

Let's help Save Palawan!

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