Samsung Series 7 Chronos: Made Faster

Encased in a stunningly thin and compact aluminum chassis, the high-spec Series 7 CHRONOS with Intel’s Core i5 processor embraces the ExpressCache™ technology, providing an extra 8GB of flash memory on the motherboard that enables a faster start-up as well as increased overall performance with up to two times faster web browsing (based on Microsoft Internet Explorer) and two seconds wake-up... I mean what could you ask for?

Last December 15, I was invited to take a peek at this before-Christmas surprise from Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO). What we thought was already a fruitful year for Samsung didn't stop from the latest Samsung Note because 10 days before teh world celebrates Christmas, Samsung released their last offering for the year 2011, and I'm sure this will be a great news fro the upcoming new year, the Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS.

Held at Time Bar at Makati City, invited guests, techies and bloggers were treated to a night of fun, excitement and car racing activity as we drive-test this latest offering from Samsung through a Car Racing Competition.

Yes, the ever-so generous SEPCO will give out TWO (2) Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS for those who will lead the race that night.

But before the engines and excitement heat up, Samsung first presented the amazing netbook PC that will sparkle this coming 2012.

The Series 7 CHRONOS has been designed with an eye-catching style to complement its stunning performance. Crafted using modern  brushed-aluminum, the durable casing gives the Series 7 an exclusive, sophisticated look. Thin and compact, the 14” Series 7 weighs just 2.17kg (4.78lbs) and is just 23.9mm thick. Its design is not only good-looking, it is also highly intelligent. An automatic sensor ensures the backlit keyboard and LCD are either dimmed or brightened as according to lighting levels.

Powered by Intel’s i5 processor, the Series 7 CHRONOS will surely deliver unrivalled pace right from the start with ExpressCache™, a technology that accelerates boot-up and start times. Samsung’s FastStart sees the PC ready to use in just two seconds, a 33% time-improvement on previous models, while Quick Boot has the notebook ready to go – from cold – in just 24 seconds. 

The performance of the Series 7 CHRONOS is further enhanced by the notebook’s extended battery life. In addition to the battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge (based on MobileMark test scores), Samsung’s Battery Life Plus technology keeps 80% of the cell’s original capacity in a life cycle lasting up to 1,500 charging cycles. This ensures that the battery can last up to five times longer than other notebooks.

The Series 7 CHRONOS also benefits from Samsung’s Superior LCD technology, a display that delivers a next-generation HD+ (1600x900) high-resolution viewing experience. The Series 7 CHRONOS boasts of SuperBright 300nit brightness, 16 million colors and an anti-reflective screen, films and pictures look rich, vivid and crisp, with noticeable improvements in color depth. 

Samsung has also included two pieces of software designed to improve the user experience. Easy Migration enables simple, guided data migration from the user’s previous PC to their Series 7 using either a USB connection, Wired LAN or WiFi network. Samsung’s Control Center also allows full control over the features on your PC, ensuring the user can manage their device and the way they use it.

This powerful and fast netbook PC is retailed at Php59,900.00.

And so, going back to the game, there were around 50 participants who fought their way to take home one of this precious gadgets, but of course, since SEPCO is really generous, they also raffled off some premium Samsung item including the previous netbook series, and there were three who got happier before the announcement of the winners of the race.

After some hours, the competition concluded. Race Driver, JP Tuason, who was also the host of the event, together with Juno Limjap-Sison, Head - IT Marketing Communications, Corporate Marketing Group, announced the winners.

Congratulations to the winners! And congratulations too, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation, for this another innovation. This is a great Christmas present for all the techies in this country!

Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year, everyone!

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