It's Lego Christmas at SM North EDSA!

I remember when I was kid, one of the many toys that I enjoyed having were these little blocks that can come up with a lot of interesting stuff - houses, building, boats, cars and many more. And now, after many years, I was taken back to those beautiful childhood memories of mine as I got a glimpse of Lego's Lego Christmas at SM North EDSA!

If last summer Lego Philippines, presented an outstanding Philippines top tourists destinations  exhibit at SM Mall of Asia using these colorful building blocks, this time of the year, with Christmas as their main theme, they are presenting the world's most favorite places.

From Asia, Europe, America, Australia, kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy this mini exhibit they have there. This exhibit is located at the atrium of SM North EDSA The Block.

I personally enjoyed the whole lot, as you can see on this blog. I've taken each part a picture so that I'll be able to share it all of you, as well as, to have a copy of this delightful event here on my blog.

It is so amazing to see how they delicately and artistically created these. From those huge ideas down to the very little details, it was just so enjoyable to look at.

Upon looking at each segment that they presented on this exhibit, I can't help but to wonder how many blocks they've used here because I remember when I was a kid there's nothing much block back then. Back then, most of the blocks that we had were squares, rectangles, some human figures and that's it. But now, they even have pine tress, horses, triangles, ships, boats and many, many more! It was just so fantastic! 

And for those who are not that big of Christmas and tourist destination stuff, Lego Christmas also presents these robot models from the popular and favorite anime shows. So, I'm sure that boys and girls will really, really love this exhibit that they prepared to all of us for this Yuletide season.

I personally love the Eiffel Tower and giant Christmas Tree they have there. I really think that those two were really cool and lovely too look at - a stand-out that brings Christmas delights to all the shoppers.

Thank you SM and Lego for this wonderful treat!
Happy Christmas, everyone!

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Elmer Domingo said...

Huwaw! Ang daming Lego n'yan :)