3M: Our Every Day Organizer

I was delighted to received an invitation just before Christmas to join a group of bloggers for this 3M Bloggers Tour. I didn't know that they have their office here in Makati, that's why without any hesitation, I said yes, because for one, I just love using 3M products!

Held last December 15, around 20 bloggers were treated to a morning of fun learning and organizing as 3M Philippines presented their most in-demand and newest products that will help us organize our stuff, our life, for the coming new year, 2012.

I'm an office employee, that's why dealing with organization and schedule are kind of ordinary things to me. But after knowing these trivial facts from these guys of 3M, I found out a better way to organize my workflow and organize other stuff at home.

It was just so amazing that organizing can be fun and colorful, especially when you are using all these cool and lovely Post-It and Scotch brands products. And with these two brands, how can you go wrong, right?

The 3M Philippines Team also prepared a small game for us, in where we need to assemble a mini office set up and organize the things they had there, including some emails, schedules, pictures and many more, of course using 3M products. :-)

We were give some 10 minutes to finish everything and....

WE WON! Woohoo! We got to take home an amazing prize that will be a great help for me this Christmas season, a tape dispenser! Wee!

After that, since it was already 12 noon, they invited us to the buffet table where we had a very sumptuous meal. Everything looked so festive and delicious that's why we enjoyed it.

Then, that sumptuous lunch was followed by raffles where some bloggers got to take home wonderful 3M gifts. I'm sure that they'll be sharing those on their blogs, so watch out for it!

Lastly, the 3M Team asked us to follow them as we take a tour around their facility.

All along I thought 3M is just a brand for office supplies, but when we got to see all these items for different categories, I was delighted to know that 3M has been a great part of our daily lives, from electrical, automobile, medical, kitchen and many more.

How amazing right? I found some new products such as Nexcare and Command that are also under the prestigious name of  3M. There were also some personal favorites that I think would help me to a more organize 2012, that's why I can't help but to go to the nearest store to buy one of those.

The time I spent here was undeniably fun. From the new stuff that we discovered about 3M's Scotch and Pot-It products to the amazing contribution that this brand has been doing to us. Truly, our world would be a mess without it, that's why I'm promising to keep these brands at-hand to have a more fruitful, colorful and organize new year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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