The Heart-Stealing Samsung Appliances!

I've been attending Samsung exclusive and non-exclusive events for quite some time now. And though, I always prepare myself to be surprised on their events, they never fail to surprise more...and more...and more! From the jaw-dropping presentations to their hypnotizing and heartbeat-skipping gadgets and appliances, Samsung just have this habit or giving the best out of anything.

That's why when I attended one of their simplest event, I believe, last week at The Link in Makati City, I never thought that this time, they are not just planning to make my heart skip a beat, but to take it all out and make it fall in love with their latest innovations.

Presenting, the Samsung latest Home Appliances!

Air filled with songs that were trying to make our nerves relaxed that night, three mysteriously covered things in the venue welcomed us with nothing but blank stares. And though, we somehow have an idea as to what they were, the anticipation and excitement didn't leave us until they finally unveiled the said appliances one by one. Starting with the item that Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo is currently endorsing, the Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine.

Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine

With three perfect solutions - best washing performance, perfect fabric and great energy savings - this latest washing machine innovation from Samsung is said to maximize the performance of the washing machine in a smart and stylish way.

I got a chance to check out this item closer and I was captivated by its funky colored lights that will make your washing life a little brighter and happier. With its Eco Bubble that will bring excellent cleanliness to our clothes, I also fell in love with its diamond drum and it's quiet drive motor that will make our washing life a little elegant and posh. ^_^ 

Lastly, it's energy saving capability feature will make this whole item a fantastic addition to our homes or a replacement to our old and rustic washing machines. I know for a fact that when my mom sees this, she'll beg to buy me this for her. Hehe.

After that one amazing item, the second item that they unveiled that night was one that really, I MEAN REALLY, took my heart away. With it's slim physique and smooth surface, it was like having a supermodel or a Miss Universe at home, the Samsung Air Conditioner Rose.

Samsung Air Conditioner Rose

At first, I don't wanna believe that what they have just unveiled was an air conditioning unit. With its outstanding look, really unique style and elegant touch, I mean, I haven't seen anything like it before! And I'm dying to have this one for our home now!!! Seriously!!!

Samsung Air Conditioner Rose possess a Samsung exclusive design - meaning Samsung is the only one that can have this design. With a Blooming  Touch that will make its doors slide sideways like an blossoming flower, Hidden Buttons that made its appearance elegant even if you are not using it, and the Sparkling Diamond surface design that will make you think that you just bought Cinderella as a decor to your home while blowing cool air and fresh to you. ^_^

Aside from the The Exclusive Design, Rose, as what I want to call her now because we're close now, has a Powerful Wind strength that can go as afar as 13 meters. Rose has also twin cooling fans that provides long, wide and strong air flows, a wider range of wind direction - left, right or wide wind range and a highly efficient heat exchanger that allows you to feel its cooling effect faster than the other air conditioning system.

Aside from those factors, Rose has also a Perfect Air Filtration that uses Virus Doctor that purifies air and eliminates 99% of contaminants, bacteria and viruses. It's Zero Filter on the other hand, removes dust by collecting the them using the static electricity. And with its Full HD Filter (yes, you read it right, H-D) or Full High Density Filter, it increases efficiency and remove allergens and bacteria as well. And with its Virus Clinic Filter, you don't have to worry about the germs that it captured because with its penetrating negative ions, it neutralizes the germs and destroy the protein enzymes inside those eewy particles.

Lastly, the best thing that made me love her so much is her Energy Saving capabilities. She has a Smart Inverter that reduces electricity bill up to 84.3%, and that it is just by using the Solo Mode. See, it is just like having an electric fan inside the house but a lot cooler! She has also a Smart Sensor that detects the amount of activities inside the room where she automatically minimizes or maximizes the amount of necessary cooling needed in every given time. And finally, with her Green Guide, that can be monitored in it's digital timer on the body, it'll help you become conscious of the energy that you consume.

Oh, I really, really love her! I really need to save up for this one! I can't get enough of her! I want to have one soon! Hahaha! This is the best air conditioning unit I've seen so far, and I know you'll agree with me after reading all of those stuff. ^_^

The final item that they unveiled that night stole the heart of every woman in the venue. With it's sparkling design, the saying "Diamonds are forever" is exactly the right phrase for this last item, the Samsung Luxurious Refrigerator.

Samsung Luxurious Refrigerator

If there'll be a contest for the most alluring and most elegant appliance in the land, nothing can beat this one, believe me! Designed and crafted by an Italian jewelry designer Massimo Zucchi, this premium piece of appliance will surely a stunning addition to our kitchens. With its dazzling bid printing that looks like sparkling diamonds, its remarkable Champagne Handle that is sophisticatedly embellished patterns and timeless black color that will surely matches any kitchen's theme.

I'm a little meticulous in choosing a refrigerator, so when I got a chance to examine this one, I got to know it and appreciated it's style, form and capabilities more.

The side and back parts are covered with this matching leather-ish material that made it more smooth and sophisticated. It has a Digital Display that makes it a modern, state-of-the-art appliance, an easy-to-push button that serves a window for the beverage station, a Twist Ice Maker, a dual LED Lighting that gives light up 20 times more that a conventional bulb lighting and a Smart Eco System for energy saving feature. 

Samsung Luxurious Refrigerator has a Twin Cooling Plus feature too that was said to keep the food fresh longer than expected and a CoolSelect Zone, which is a specialized drawer that allows users to select the temperature they need for a certain food.

All these amazing features of Samsung's newest appliances were proven functional and aesthetically perfect for modern home by My Home's editor-in-chief Jie Pambid, who graced the event and shared some of his expertise.

Jie Pambid

It was one lovely night seeing all of these heart-thumping pieces that will surely make our homes more functional and worth living in! Thank you and congratulations, Samsung, for this another collection of masterpieces that will make every our lives smarter and happier!

P.S. I'm still trying to save for this one. Waaaah! Samsung, kindly slow down. Hehe.

Wink-wink! ;-)

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