Samsung's 2011 LED Monitors

Central, Multifunctional and 3D Monitor - Samsung will never get tired of surprising us and giving us the best of the best when it comes to IT, mobile phones and many more.

Held at the Presidential Suite of Manila Peninsula, I was invited to check out the new set of outstanding monitors that Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation has to the ever-so-demanding techie market of this country.

With the outstanding monitors that Samsung had already shared to the market over the past years, I was really curious as to what more can they offer to the public?

I have a full-time day job that requires me to face my office computer for 8 hours or so every workday. And since I'm dealing with a Samsung monitor every day, I was really not expecting much because I just think that what I have right now is perfect! But then again, if Samsung was so proud to announce and to share it to computer-people like me, I think these new breed of monitors have really something to say.

The presentation of these monitors started with a little drama that goes something like this....

Are you tired of seeing your same, old, messy work place like this?

And with that, we were led to a room where the "IT" photographer Paolo Pineda was waiting for us. Mr. Paolo introduced us to Samsung Central Station Monitor.

LC23A750 - Php19,990.00

Now, you can do E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in here in a more organized and centralized manner. You can enjoy using your desktop with lesser cable wire attached on to your monitor! Perfect for those OC peeps. Hehe. And the best part? This monitor is the world's first USB 3.0 Embedded Monitor!

Now, that's hi-tech!

After that, we then led to the next room, where the beautiful Miss Chesca Litton was happily waiting for us. With her was another Samsung's latest innovation that is perfect for couch potato guys who love watching TV and working on the computer at the same time!

Did I say Multifunctional Monitor?

Meet the monitor that can give you a superior user experience - an experience that goes with the words work and play - the Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350.

SyncMaster LT23A350 - Php14,990.00

SyncMaster LT23A350 has an internal HDTV receiver. It provides digital TV functions through the Picture-in-Picture feature that allows user to experience both computer and TV show at the same time.

With its Full HD (1920 x 1080) that gives the 250cd/m2 brightness and Mega DCR technology, you can get to enjoy the brightness of colors that a Samsung LED TV can give. It also has a Dolby Digital and SRS Theater Sound that gives an extraordinary audio experience.

Now, that's just perfect for me! Hehe. 

We thought it was the best that they have. But our eyes popped out and our jaws dropped when we entered to the final room seeing tech-blogger Jayvee Fernandez playing an online game with  the best monitor of them three, the Samsung SyncMaster SA950.

SyncMaster SA950 - Php31,990

Now, for all the gamers out there, this is "the monitor" that I know you've been waiting for. As Jayvee simply said, "What could you ask for? This is it!"

Equipped with Ultra Clear Panel that enhances color contrast for sharper images, this amazing monitor adopted a 3D HyperReal Engine that gives fast reaction and enables monitor to provide vivid 3D images without dizziness.

Just push a button and the Samsung 3D Converter will do the magic transforming 2D images, movies or games to 3D images.

The posh Ultra Clear Panel helps in enhancing the color contrast for sharper images. It is Freon-, lead-, mercury- and VOC-free. And since this monitor's frame is manufactured without volatile organic compound, Samsung Electronics Philippines assures that it is 100% recyclable.

The Samsung 3D Active Glasses comes with every purchase of this monitor to give users a more vibrant and noticeable brighter effect.

According to Sir Jay of Samsung, as of that day, Samsung SyncMaster LT23A350 and Samsung SyncMaster SA950 are the only ones that are out in the market. You have to wait til August if you are eyeing for the Samsung Central Station Monitor.

Three amazing monitors that suits to every need. Lovely!

Congratulations, Samsung Electronic Philippines!
You never fail to amaze me! Keep up the good work!

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