Maroon 5 in Manila - Presscon

The guys are back, and yep, they are back to rock our world and melt our hearts out together with their latest album Hands All Over. But before they took the center stage at SMX Convention Center, Maroon 5 gladly gave a courtesy appearance to the local media and to thank them for their support on this Manila leg of their world tour.

Thanks to our friends from MCA Music Inc, headed by Sir Wilson and Miss Grace and to my friends from Orange Magazine TV for tagging me along for me to feel the Maroon 5 fever here in Manila - up-close and personal. Wee!

As the room for the press conference packed with eager media people who are also fans of Maroon 5, I took a quick scan of  who's who are the people on this press conference, and here are the shots that I made.

After some minutes of waiting, the tension shoot up as the guys take their seats on the stage and started getting goofy but were really nice answering the media's questions, with the program host Iya Villania, who is also a big fan of the band.

Here are some the pictures from this event:

I didn't think that they were that goofy. They all looked good in person, especially Adam Levine, and they are all game to answer all the questions asked.

And here's a snippet of this press conference:

One to take note of was when they asked if they are willing to sing along Manny Pacquiao, and they all said yes. Hahaha!

Thank you for vising us again, Maroon 5! And I hope that you'll come back soon again! ^_^
We all love having you here! ^_^

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