Fujitsu Opens their New Lifebook

Just as the whole world goes crazy with every gadget that's been going in and going out of the market, Fujitsu, the maker of the world-renowned Lifebook, recently made a comeback to give techies an option in choosing a netbook that their our lifestyles.

With its optimal performance, exceptional user experience and perfect life companion, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific recently shared to Philippine media and bloggers their newest range of Lifebook. Starting with S Series' Lifebook SH761 and SH561, N Series' Lifebook NH751, P Series' Lifebook P771, A Series' Lifebook AH531, L Series' Lifebook LH701 and LH531 and B Series' BH531.

All the said netbooks and laptops come with 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor, Green IT Technologies and Biometric Security that all users can surely enjoy.

Aside from these features, these Lifebooks come with Mee Go - a Linux-based open source mobile operating system project.

And without further ado, let me share to all of you these beauties that Fujitsu is very proud of.

The S Series

The N Series

The P Series

The A Series

The B Series

The L Series

For a laptop/netbook user like me, even though the features are not as astonishing as what we are seeing in the market right now, Fujitsu Lifebooks are not a bad choice to start your life in the cyberworld. With its durability, style and function, I guess any beginner or easy-netbook user can handle a netbook just like Fujitsu Lifebook.

Check out your nearest gadget store to know more about the details and features of these gadgets that will hit the market this season!


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