Paradizoo's AgriFestival - Power of Three

Last Saturday, I headed south with my 6-year-old niece Nickaella to check out the last day of Paradizoo's 1st Agrifestival. From the words "agrarian" or "agriculture", they made up a festival that will showcase the three wonderful collections that this paradise in Mendez, Cavite have.

Dubbed as "Power of Three," they showcased livestock, floral and vegetable exhibit to farm and animal enthusiasts and lovers.

It was my second time to visit this lovely place and first for Nickaella, so I was kinda excited for her to see these creatures because since we are living in Manila and we barely see stuff like this, I know that she'll see learn a lot from this trip.

Our first stop for this festival was Paradizoo's Farm Animals Breeding Area where we saw these cute goats ready for milking.

They also have camels, horses, cows and alpaca there.

Paradizoo are also selling these animals at a reasonable price. ^_^

Our next destination is the Flower Farm. I, who loves flowers so much, had a wonderful time taking pictures here. Well, sometimes with Nickaella in it posing with these flowers, but mostly just the flowers. Here are the pictures that I took. ^_^

Despite of the skin-burning heat from the sun, we headed next to my next favorite spot, the Vegetable Farm.

The last time I went here at Paradizoo was with Nickaella's sister Nicole, we didn't see a single vegetable planted then because they just harvested them, but this time, I and Nickaella were so delighted to see these ready-to-harvest cabbages, lettuce, Chinese cabbages, chillies and eggplants.

Oh, it was so lovely! It was like a dream come true to me, honestly, because I haven't seen such a real vegetable farm in my life. This just made me realize how much I love vegetables, especially the green leafy ones! ^_^

After looking and taking some pictures on these three top features of the Agrifestival, we also got a chance to see the Honey Bee and Butterfly Garden that Nickaella truly enjoyed. (She loves those flying insects. ^_^)

Butterfly Garden

Honey Bee

Then, since it was high noon when we finished going through all those places, we took a breather and had our lunch at Paradizoo Café, where we had some fresh healthy dishes.

It is where we also got to enjoy the fresh air that's been swaying the trees on top of us.

Actually, if only we had a rocking chair with us, I would love to sit there and listen to the peacefulness of the surrounding or take a nap and just enjoy the cool breeze coming from Tagaytay area. This place is indeed a paradise!

There are still some renovations/constructions going on in and out of the place, so I guess we will expect more from this place.

And after some restful lunch time, we headed to their souvenir store where some of their fresh products were on sale.

According to Paradizoo Team, they are planning to acquire more neighboring lots to make Paradizoo a place where family, friends and even companies can just chillax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

This is one place for kids to go to. They will definitely enjoy seeing these animals and plants, and at the same time learn from them.

For inquiries on how to go here and how much it would cost you, you can call (02) 899-9824/19; 898-3605; 895-7142, call or text (0917) 835-1111, or you can just visit or

It's summer! And the best way to start this great summer vacation of your family is through a fun-filled day that involves nature and the living things that benefit from it.

Happy summer!

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