Earth Day at Ayala Triangle Garden

As the whole country took its little share in saving the Planet Earth last Saturday's Earth Hour by switching their lights and appliances off, I was invited to witness how the people in Makati City celebrate this momentous event the different way.

 Yes, you read it right, the different way - they celebrated it with LIGHTS ON!

As we all know, the energy that we are using to create electricity comes from the burned fossil fuel, which gives the planet a tremendous amount of heat affecting the world's climate that then resulting to global warming.And so with this idea, Makati exemplifies a unique way of celebrating Earth Hour by the use of alternative energy source... SOLAR ENERGY!


Yes, with about four solar panels placed strategically in Ayala Triangle Garden, Makati City explains to us that there's a better way to help the Planet Earth in cooling down and there's a unique and better way to celebrate Earth Hour... and that is not just by switching the lights off, but but using alternative energy source.

The celebration was opened by a musical performances from Makati and Pitogo High Schools giving all the spectators a cozy feeling while enjoying the cool breeze in the Garden.

And as the clock ticked to 8:30 p.m., a countdown was held and the lighting of candle ceremony, which an Earth Hour symbol took place with the representatives from various environmental partners such as Manila Water, Ayala Malls, Ayala Property Management Corporation, Ayala Foundation, Banapple, Bfast, Kanin Club, The Coffee Bean & Teal Leaf, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, Shilelagh Suntech Solar, WWF, Ayala Land Inc. and Makati City Local Government Unit.

After that, these solar panels took charge of the light and sound system giving Ayala Triangle Garden light and sound to celebrate Earth Hour's festivity.

Environmental partners pledge to commit themselves in preserving the Earth's fuel and energy though their own ways to reduce the carbon emissions that's been heating the planet.

The 2011 Caracol Festival champion Pio del Pilar High School showcased again their winning piece, adding more color to the dim-lighted event.

And everyone was wowed by the fiery performances of Firedancers.

Then, as to complete the exhibition of talent and kindheartedness of the Makati people, there was also an interactive art piece painted by young Filipino artists lead by KUNGST Pilipino and spectators. Yes, guests and spectators took part in creating this painting which will be on display at Ayala Land office.

Ayala Land Incorporated and the City of Makati encourage individuals to not only commemorate Earth Hour, they wanted us to go beyond the hour as well by making energy conservation as part of our everyday lifestyle. 

And by the magical help of this solar panels, we were able to enjoy the celebration more than the usual.

And so with these, as the clock ticked to 9:30 p.m., all the lights were back and this Earth-saving activity once again showed how can well do our little share in protecting, caring and saving the planet.

Happy Earth Hour!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Very detailed and informative report. I'm amazed!

elmerlovesoreo said...

Very detailed and informative post. iLike!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thanks so much, Elmer! :-)