Control Goddesses with Axe Provoke

Have you seen the latest Axe commercial on telly? It was really cool!

Imagine, women, with all their beauty falling down from heaven to earth, having this seductive look and eyeing on you…

I’m sure many men would die to experience this kind of thrill!

But as for me....
Well, while keeping myself busy in the office, I received a mysterious gift.

Around noon time, I was called to sign a paper stating that I received this mysterious box…. Actually, a chest box.

We are all familiar with what’s inside of it when we received one, right? A treasure!

And a treasure it is!

Axe Provoke is the latest invention of Axe for men to smell good and attract women – even goddesses!

Though, I have no plans of attracting women and goddess, I know that this one can help me smell good this summer! I’m still addicted to Axe Temptation Chocolate, but I’ll try this very soon!

But if you are a real man, then you should try this too!
Tell me if you want this, I can give it to you or ask some from our friends on Axe. Hehehe.

Thanks, Axe!


Mikki Abrazado said...

i want one! hahaha.

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Sige, I'll give you kapag dumating na ung bagong ipapadala sakin. ^_^

Anonymous said...

seriously, i would like to have one..