The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011

Last Saturday, I got to witness, for the first time, this very inspiring marathon that has been attended by 400 marathoners with their family and coaches all cheering up for them to achieve their goal... To finish The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011.

Held at the place where people and nature thrives, Nuvali holds this moving marathon for first- and second-time marathoners every year to inspire and motivate each person to push themselves to the limit, with proper training and exercise, and achieve their goals in their lives.

It was touching to see groups - families, friends and officemates cheering up together for their love ones whose ultimate dream is to be a marathoner and finish up a 42K run.

Though, some came in a little late than the others, the main theme of this program is not to race but to enjoy the trip down to the finish line.

How can you not enjoy this run, right? With a place as beautiful and as inspiring as Nuvali, running a 42-kilometer well-cemented road is just a piece of cake! Hehe.

Here are some of the interesting photos that I took during the said marathon:

As the marathoners pave their way to the finish line, music entertains those families, friends and officemates who were waiting.

There's also a service for those who wanna check out where their marathoners are.

We took a ride here to see how's everything going, and here are some of the shots of marathoners who are finishing their 42-kilometer run.

And as all the hard works pay, a finish line served as a pot gold at the end of the rainbow.

Congratulations to 400 The Bull Runner Dream Marathoners this year!

May all your dreams do come true!

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