2nd International Pyromusical Competition - Australia and Philippines

"Save the best for last."

This seems to be the motto of International Pyromusical Competition from the moment that the organizers put up this show because just like last year, this year's competition ended with a big bang!

Last Saturday night, the sky of Manila Bay was once again filled with astonishing bright and cheerful lights from the wowing fireworks display from Australia and host country, Philippines.

I can't say anything about Australia's show because I just saw a glimpse of their presentation, but if you ask me about the Philippines' show... WOW!

Here are some of the picture I took on the beginning of our country's presentation:

And if you wanna feel the goosebumps that I had that night as the crowd applauded and cheered to this wonderful show made  by Platinum Fireworks, well, here are some clips that I took.

Fireworks with Shakira's Waka-Waka
Fireworks with Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are
(my super favourite of all the show that I've seen in this year's competition)
Philippines' Finale
It was during these times that I'd say that I am just so proud to be a Filipino. All fireworks synchronized really well to the songs, and almost all of the songs that they picked are my favourites.

So, hurray for International Pyromusical Competition! Hurray for Philippines!


The Vendor Mom said...

Wow! Great photos and nice blog. May mga nanalo na ba? Sayang i wasn't able to witness the last set of competition, i want to cheer pa naman for Philippines :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Thanks po. I believe first ang China, second ang Japan, then third ang UK. ^_^

edelweiza said...

I saw it, too. Galeeeeng ng Philippines (Platinum Fireworks)! :)