Yuoy! Project Headshot Clinic

For me, it felt like I was in the outer space that night. Imagine, a night full of OPM stars united to build and fight for the future of OPM in the music industry.... Such a great night!

I love OPM music. I mean how can you hate your own music, right? OPM for me is like the soul of every Filipino. It symbolizes the very core of our roots, the very value of our nature. And I'm so glad to be part f this year's Yuoy!: The Niccolo Cosme's Project Headshot Clinic.

This is my second time for Project Headshot Clinic, and I believe that this is the first Project Headshot Clinic for OPM Music.

I'm kinda excited when I received the invitation to attend this project, because first, working with Niccolo Cosme is like me living my wanna-be model. He is one of the bests in the industry, so how can you say no, right? And being in his project for the second time -- it just an honor! ^_^

The Yuoy! Project Headshot Clinic took place at Ronac Art Center in San Juan. And if I'm not mistaken it was the RnB Prince Jay-R who recommended this place to Niccolo for the whole shooting of this project.

It was one simple place, but you can feel the artistry in every corner, so even though the venue was really far from me - as in me coming from Makati - I braved myself to find the place and be part of this wonderful project.

Upon my arrival, I was immediately welcomed by DJ Flavamatik of Q-York (the guys behind the hit single "Mainit"), Cleo, Paloma, DJ Jerome and KL - the guys behind the word "YUOY".

DJ Flavamatik Cleo, Paloma, DJ Jerome and KL

I also got to see and meet other artists, bloggers and supporters who are spend some of their precious time for this advocacy. To name some, there's the Philippine All-Star, even though they are popularly known on the dance floor, they were here to give support to the the local misc industry.

There's also Champ Lui Pio who shared some info about his whereabouts and he even told us that he met this talented young local artist who is about to make a scene in the local industry, so I guess we should better watch out for him.

Alex Crisano, Jon Avila, Major Masa of Garnier Philippines (who gave us some Garnier products ^_^) and other local artists were present to give out support to the dying music industry.

I hope, by this project, we, Filipinos will somehow learn and start appreciating again our own music and idolize our own breed of great talents. This is a great call, especially to the young generation, a call that loving foreign music ain't that bad, but please let's not neglect and let our very own music dies. OPM is really great if you just shed some time to appreciate it, you know.

Watch out for the official music video of Yuoy! It'll be out in two weeks, I believe, together with our headshots! Exciting!

Thank you to Jason Tomas for including me to this project! Thank you to all the people I met there who shares the same passion and sentiments about OPM! And a big THANK YOU to Niccolo Cosme for having this wonderful project! May our dreams for the Original Pilipino Music come true and may this project be a light to the dark alley that OPM is going through!

Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino!

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