Shine and Shimmer with G+ PH

Have you heard of this new “community” that will not just make you shine but also shimmer in the blogosphere? Well, if not, lend me your eyes as I share to you this amazing news. :-)

Spearheaded by Nuffnang Singapore, Nuffnang Philippines is about to build and connect all the Filipino bloggers all over the world through its Gliteratti Plus PH (G+ PH), the only Nuffnang community that will make you shine and shimmer to the wonderful world of blogging.

I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, and even though I haven’t experience cashing out from all the Nuffnang ads that were posted on my blog/s, I can feel that very soon, especially with G+ PH, I’ll have the first cash out that I’ve been waiting for. AND I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! Wee!

Here are the slides that Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang Philippines shared to us during its mini-orientation, which was held at Clay Café, Makati City last Saturday.

Nuffnang Philippines also introduced their chosen President and Vice President of this young organization and they are Richard Co of Tales from the Tummy and Stonibert Lim of Manila-Life.

As of now, the positions Secretary, Treasurer, Logistics and Relations are still open. So, if you think you are fit for the position or if you know somebody who is just perfect to be on that position, feel free to contact Richard and Stonibert so that they can arrange a personal interview with you or with them. Hehehe.

And for those who are raving to be part of this “cool” group, well, let’s wait for further announcements, as I believe they’ll be releasing the Registration Forms anytime soon.

So, to all the Filipino Bloggers out there, it’s time to be a Nuffnanger and be part of the soon-to-be shining and shimmering Gliteratti Plus PH!

See you on their events! Cheers!


Unknown said...

Wow! You had all the details covered here! Good job! It was great seeing you last Saturday!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

It was nice seeing you too, Glenn! Til our next chit-chat! ^_^ said...

haha, funny ung 'shining and shimmering'. :) <3

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Funny in a good way or in a bad way?

dimaks said...

wow, wish i was there during the event and qualify in G+ too :D Great post on the event here Alex!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hey, you can still be part of this group!! Just email Richard and ask him for a copy of the registration form or you can visit Nuffnan PH's website!