Samsung Mobile Phones made More Affordable!

To all the mobile phone lovers who might happen to pass by my blog today, I just wanna share to you this good news that I received from our good friends from Samsung Philippines.

A few days ago, as my beloved Samsung Corby mobile phone, named My Echo, was stolen from me, I was deeply devastated by how could some bad people do such thing to the others. That phone was give to me by Jericho Rosales last year, hence why I named it My Echo, so it was very important to despite of it's non Wi-Fi capability.

It is one of my most treasured stuff, and unfortunately some bad guys were in a deeper shit than mine. So, with this incident I decided to buy a better phone, something that can help me move on from the loss that I suffered.... I bought a Samsung Galaxy 551.

With a lot of android phones, cheaper and so-called "better" in the market, I still prefer buying a Samsung phone. I just find Samsung phones so savvy and very stylish, so I really, really love it.

But, as I said a while ago, our good friends from Samsung informed yours truly that our beloved Samsung mobile were made more affordable as they put the price lower.

Imagine, the most affordable touch-screen phone Samsung Champ, which has an original price of Php4980.00 can now be bought at Php4390.00.

While Duo Sim, Samsung Punch that was priced at Php5199.00 is not at Php4890.00 price!

The sister phone of My Echo, the Samsung Corby Wi-Fi which costs Php6900.00 can now be availed at you favourite gadget store at a whooping Php5890.00. (Oh, I miss My Echo so much. *sobs*)

As for my first dream phone before deciding to buy Samsung Galaxy 551, the Samsung Galaxy 5 from its price of Php10980.00 is now down to Php9190.00.

And lastly, the Samsung B7722 that has an amazing 5.2 mega pixel camera, from its original price of Php15700.00 is now at its unbelievable price of Php12980.00.

Even though I really miss My Echo, I can whole-heartily say that I'm enjoying and super loving my Samsung galaxy 551, which I names gALEXy. Hehehe.

Happy shopping, techie friends!


maddy said...

Thanks for sharing price info!

Samsung Mobile Phones

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

My pleasure! :-)

mazuma said...

Samsung Galaxy is a amazing mobile phone. I like because of its look and QWERTY keypad.