Midnight Mercato Centrale - Now Open!

After a week-long hard work at the office or after some booze and dance moves at the nearby clubs, there’s this new hotspot to hit – a place where craving and midnight madness meets – Midnight Mercato Centrale.

Your weekend night wouldn’t be as dull as ever, because now, Mercato Centrale is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights! Whoopee!

Since Mercato Centrale opened its doors to the public a few months ago, the name spread like a wildfire. And Mercato Centrale has been a household name for all food lovers since then.

And now as they opened their doors at night to accommodate more food enthusiasts, Mercato offers nothing but the sumptuous, tummy-filling snacks that anyone will surely appreciate.

From the healthy ones, like organic food, cold taho, takoyaki and different nuts to the ultimate midnight snacks like sausages, burgers and some gourmet dishes to street foods like isaw and balut, Midnight Mercato offers delectable food that will definitely beat your cravings at night.

I got to see their first Friday night opening and I enjoyed the night as I saw some popular faces, familiar ones and drooling dishes.

I got to dig in to some of the mouth-watering offerings that made me decide to visit this place again – SOON!

I have some suggestions, though, to those who are planning to go here.

First, since this place opens at night, it would be best to have your own vehicle. Cabs are barely on this side of The Fort, so if you don’t wanna spoil the night waiting for a cab, kindly bring your own ride.

Second, though the covered tent has air-conditioning system, it is best to wear some comfy but presentable clothes because the area where the sausages and burgers are located is on the open-air section.

Third, as the comfy clothes go, wear some comfy foot wears too. You might have a hard time choosing which food you’d eat, so you’ll end up walking and walking all night.

Fourth, feel free to bring fans and umbrellas. You’ll never know if the weather will stay humid or it will rain. And last Friday, the rain poured on us, good thing I’m seated inside the covered tent so my things were safe.

Fifth, the prices kinda vary from Php100.00 and up, so bring a lot of money.

Sixth, if you are planning to do some take-outs, bring recyclable/green bags – to save some plastics.

Seventh, and though, I’m not really suggesting because it might kill the “drinks” business, bring your own drinks. There’s only one drinks booth at Midnight Mercato, so if you don’t wanna get hassled by the pack of people who gathered at this booth, it is better to bring your own drinks or buy your drinks first before hitting the food stalls.

Eight, bringing kids with you at night is not really a bad idea. It is weekend, so I think its okay for them to stay late. Just make sure that you have your eyes on them ALL THE TIME because some food stalls have their cooking stuff in front of their stalls.

Ninth, for those who are coming from night-outs, boozed-out people are suggested to come in when they are in normal conditions since Mercato Centrale is a wholesome, friendly place. *smile*

And lastly, to truly enjoy this midnight affair, make sure you’ll come in here really, really hungry because the food that are served come in huge servings and I’d say that each of them is good enough for two. It is better to have one happy tummy after this night, right?

So, there, if you and your officemates are on a budget this weekend, but wanna try some good comfy food or you and your family are just around The Fort, Mercato Centrale is now open at night from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. to serve you tummy-filling food that will end your night in a good, fulfilled night.

For my food reviews on some of the dishes that I tried on my first visit at Midnight Mercato Centale, feel free to visit my food blog Lafanggero.

Happy eating!


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