The CompanY - Isang Pasasalamat Concert

Just recently, an issue amongst Netizens erupted as to why they do and do not patronize OPM concerts, there are a lot of good reasons that I read, I tell you. But still there’s this heart-breaking answer that caught my attention, and I find it is SO TRUE if I may say, “We can already see those performances on TV, maybe not every day but usually every week.”

I mean who can blame them, right? That’s their money and they have the right to choose on which stuff they wanna spend that with.

But in some cases, not all local acts can be seen on TV every day or every week. There’s The CompanY, who we barely see lately and admit it or not, they are our country’s pride. WONDERFUL ARTISTS in short!

And this 2011, did you that The CompanY is celebrating their 25th year in the business? Yes, you read it right, they are 25 years old now in the industry. Twenty five years of nothing but great music.

I’m fan of this group since the beginning. May they sing an OPM hit, revive it or mash it up with other foreign songs, it is just so hard to neglect their angelic voices – voices that put our country to the list of best singers in the world.

And last Friday and Saturday, Moy, Ces, Jay, Sweet and Annie celebrated their 25th Year Anniversary at ACCM Building in Makati City as they sing for a good cause. For the benefit of Word of the World, The CompanY sung their heart out and joke around giving the audience one fulfilling night.

It was one of the best nights for me. Listening to great music, laughing at their jokes and seeing my favourite OPM artists - a celebration worth celebrating for

Sam Concepcion, Christian Bautista and Mr. Basil Valdez were also there, serenaded us with their amazing voices. Oh, what a very lovely night!

To The CompanY and the people behind this generous project, congratulations and good luck!
Cheers to OPM and to all of the Filipino artists all over the world!


Unknown said...

thank you so much "middle child" for such a wonderful endorsement from you!!! Glad you enjoyed the show.

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

I really, really love The Company, that's why. ^_^

Congrats, Teacher Moy! LSS ko pa dina ng chuvachuchu. Hahahaha!