Aqiva for Picky-Eaters!

With the release of Wyeth new product to beat the picky-eating habits of children ages from 3 to 5 years old, parents are now rest assured that their children will be getting the right nutrients needed for their growth and nourishment by the help of the all-new Aqiva.

Having a lot of junk foods available in the market and being shown on the television every bit of a second, having children who are getting to be picky-eaters is one the most common and major problems that parents are facing now.

And in the event that I got to attend, hosted by Donita Rose, who's also a mom, Wyeth introduces a new product that can help parents nourish children.

The program which was dubbed as CNI or Child Nutrition Investigation, Donita Rose, and the rest of Wyteh Team helped us solved the mystery behind the picky-eating habits of these children, through the help of studies here and abroad.

During the program, Wyeth team helped us understand the situation that these kids are undergoing how, we, adults can cope up with them and help them their maximum potential to grow healthy and strong.

With the help of visual aids, members of the press and bloggers were enlightened with the different issues on the growth of a child. There was also a Q & A portion where we were able to ask all the things that still boggling our mind, since most of the topics discussed were quite nose-bleeding. Hehehe.

To know more about this new product, you can always visit your pediatricians and ask them about this new product from Wyeth and how can it help your children.

Welcome, Aqiva! And thank to Wyeth!

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