Xanadu Manila Fever is Back!

If you STILL haven't seen the funniest musical play ever staged at RCBC Theater, RCBC Plaza, Makati CIty, well, here's your chance to catch it, as Atlantis Production brings back XANADU Manila! Wee!

This November, laugh again with the performance of this wonderful ensemble of talents as they bring you back to the '80s and relive the moment where Olivia Newton-John first played the role of Clio, a muse from Mount Olympus who disguised as Kira and fell in love to guy named Sonny Malone.

I just catch its pre-reopening show, and God, my hands and jaw are hurting now because of clapping and laughing so hard. I find this "repeat" more amazing and really, really spectacular. Those new blocking, acting and funny antics made me laugh so damn loud. Hahahahaha! No joking! Hahahaha!

Sonny Malone played by Felix Rivera, was really funny AGAIN! When I first saw this show, I just find Felix's performance funny, but now, his singing prowess showed off so well that made the girls so "kilig". I enjoyed all his singing performance. And as for his dancing, LOL, he danced to manly that I find really funny. GOOD JOB, I suppose!

As for Kera/Clio played by Rachel Alejandro, she has now a nicer and believable wig, thank goodness! As for her performance, she rocked the show, really. Her singing, her dancing and her acting, with all the accent and funny facial expression, she was one superstar on stage! CONGRATULATIONS!

As for the muses who were played by Chari ArespacochagaYael Pineda, Anthony OngGlen Llanes, Alys Serdenia and Bea Garcia, they were as great as ever! I love them all! How I wish II can have them with me, all day, every day! Hahaha!

And finally, for Mr. Noel Trinidad, this is the first time I saw him onstage. When I first watched Xanadu Direk Leo Real was on as Mr. Danny Maguire, and though I am not in a position to compare the performance of the two, I'd say that the two both did great. The character suits them well. YOU ROCK, MR. TRINIDAD!

And for you to be convinced more to catch it's repeat, here's a clip that I got from Youtube, enjoy!

So, again, if you are feeling down and just want to have a good laugh, or just wanna enjoy this upcoming yuletide season, well, head to RCBC Theater this November 17 to December 5,  with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and matinees on Sundays  at 3 p.m.and catch this one of the best stage plays of the year - XANADU!

Or you may call 0915-5036218/ 0922-8237157 for reservations and/or free delivery of tickets!

See you there! See you at XANADU! :-)

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Anonymous said...

the show Opens on Nov 17 and will run till December 5, 2010. with performances on Fridays and Saturdays @8PM and matinees on Sundays @3pm.