Halloween Celebration with Officemates!

I know, I know, I know! It's been a week now, but heck! As if I care. Expect more delayed posts from me now. Hahaha!

Oh, well, I just wanna share to you, my dear readers, my Halloween. And one of the Halloween parties that I co-organized and attended was the one I had with my officemates.

Oh, it was really fun. I got a chance to bond with my new officemates, who I find so kalog. They also got a chance to meet our former teammates, my former officemates from that same department. It was like a reunion of the old and the new. Hehehe.

First, I wanna thank those who joined, this wouldn't be possible without your supports. To those who didn't make it, BELAT! Hahaha!

Since, this party was kinda on the spot and since everybody didn't want to over dress, we all decided to have Halloween "Hat ang Wig" Party, hence as you may notice, we have our own unique head outfits. Hehehe.

The Subtitling Department - Then and Now

Of course, just like any parties, there are "pasaways" who didn't bring any head costumes, thank God that I got some spare, and I let them borrowed it. *for picture taking purpose* :-P

Rio, Danica and Nherz, who celebrated/will be celebrating their birthdays also pitched in some food that's why we really had fun, we were all so full that night.

I will miss these guys for sure. They've been my outlet for almost six years of working in our company. And though I don't wanna share to you the drama queen that I am, I think this was my last Halloween Party with them as their supervisor.

But then again, we'll never know, right?

That's why I'm cherishing all the time that I still have with them. I just hope that the issue that was thrown at me, accusing me of breaking the team, be gone. BECAUSE THAT IS NOT TRUE!

And I would never ever do that, because I love my team. Sometimes, I'm just too busy with my blogging life that I cannot organize night outs with them.

Happy Halloween, guys! Thanks again!
And Happy Birthday again to Rio, Danica and Nherz!

Til next time!
Christmas Party? Wee!

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