Canon PhotoMarathon 2010

Having a Canon camera has its own benefits. Aside from learning photography the easy way and taking pictures beautifully, with Canon camera, you'll never feel so alone, because once in a year, the most anticipated Canon event happens - The Canon PhotoMarathon.

This year, Canon PhotoMarathon has three legs, one in Davao, one in Cebu and one in Manila. The one in Davao and in Cebu happened a few months ago, for  preparation for its grandest Manila Leg. And this year, the Manila leg took place at the biggest mall in Asia, SM Mall of Asia.

This was my first Canon PhotoMarathon, so I was kinda lost and all, but thanks, really, to Canon because every thing was really organized and orderly.

There were like a whooping 2000 participants this year, and only 3 of them got a chance to take home some brand new Canon cameras. So, congrats to all the winners.

So, without further ado, here are some of the pictures that I took that I entered in the contest. Please note that this was also my first time to use a DSLR. :-) (Many thanks to my super friend, Me-an, for lending me her preciosu DSLR. Hihihi).

My Entry for the First Task:

My entry for the Second Task:

My Entry for the Third task:

While, here are some of the souvenir photos that I have to always remember this wonderful experience.

And though that was a tiring whole-day event, everyone had their smiles one when we had our souvenir gift items from Canon. Wee!

I love the Lens Mug!! Super! Thank you, Canon!

All 2000 participants took home this awesome mug! ;-)

It was, indeed, a remarkable experience having Canon as your aide to capture every moment. And now, I can't wait to have my own camera for many years of Canon PhotoMarathon.

To Canon, thank you so much and congratulations for a very successful event!

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