Touched by Mary Kay

If there’s one part in my body that I really care about, that will be my hands. Since I was child I always get good compliments about my hands. A lot of them says that my hands are really soft that simply state that I’m not doing any household chores, but I can prove them wrong. I think the reason why I have good hands is because I never let them get ugly. Lotion is a big help for keeping my hands soft as ever.

And now, as I have a chance to try one of the most expensive hand and body lotion in the market, no wonder a lot of women, despite of it price, prefer having the Mary Kay skin care collection.

We all had our skin damaged during the summer. Some may not know or notice it and some are in denial about it, but the things is, there’s a help along the way that will come and rescue our damaged skin and will keep it firm, toned and defined – Timewise as they say.


On an exclusive Mary Kay gathering that I attended at The Chi Spa at EDSA Shangri-La, I got to meet these Timewise products of Mary Kay that can help me firm, tone and define my skin. I also got to meet the one that can help my hands and my neck look young and stay looking young.

 TimeWise Body
Targeted-Action Toning Lotion – Php2100.00

TimeWise Body
Hand and Decollete Cream Sunscreen SPF15 – Php950.00 

I got to try them first during the pampering session that we had on the said gathering. For me, a good massage wouldn’t be that good without a good oil of lotion to use. And with the use of the Hand and Decollete Sunscreen SPF 15, its citrus-y scent was so refreshing that was kinda perfect for someone who needs some boosting that day. I really enjoyed the hand massage that was done to me. I even got some health advice from the masseur to keep my skin, hand and body healthy. I love it!

TimeWise Body targeted Action Toning Lotion has a Patent-Pending Acai Berry, an antioxidant superpower, a pumpkin seed extract that helps stimulate collagen, an Argan seed extract that helps stimulate vital proteins, a caffeine and coffee Arabica seed extract that helps boost cells energy level, Hawthorne Berry extract that helps accelerate the breakdown of fat and Vitamin E, an antioxidant with soothing benefits.

While the TimeWise Body Hand and Decollete Cream Sunscreen SPF15 has also an Patent-Pending Acai Berry, a Pomegranate Sterols that help strengthen skin barrier, a Caprooyl Tetraoetide that help boost collagen and elastin, a Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Vitamin B3 that helps minimize effect of UV rays and Vitamin E.

I’ve been using the said products for almost a week now, though there still no visible effects yet, I’m kinda enjoying the scent and the texture that these products are giving to my skin.

This is maybe a “pricey” big switch from the hand and body lotion that I’m using now, but if it will help me look younger and will make me feel good, I wouldn’t mind saving some money to buy me another bottle of these products. And I know a lot of you will agree with me on this!

Now, that’s what I call Touched by Mary Kay.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for coming Alex :) Hope you enjoyed the event and Mary Kay's newest product :)