Samsung Galaxy 5: The Android for Non-techie

If there’s another thing that I would love to include in my wish list this coming holiday season, that’ll be a new mobile phone.

Not that I don’t like My Echo – the name of my mobile phone, a Samsung Corby S3653, which was given to me by “my” Jericho Rosales – admittedly, I’m not a techie person, so I don’t care that much about these certain applications of mobile phones now, but with that with Wi-Fi and all in most of the mobile phones now in the market, I think I can do more blogging and stuff with a higher unit model, right?

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Samsung phone before, but when I received this amazing Samsung Corby, which is a touch screen, I learn to like and then loved Samsung. I find their phone so handy compared to the one I had before. Plus the color and the sound are really astonishing! I never knew that there’s a brighter and more affordable life than that of the brand thta I used to love.

And now, with all these iPhones and android phones lurking in the market, here I am thinking to pursue this wish of mine – I can use it for other network and group of friends. Hehehe.

You wanna know what’s the phone that I have in mind right now?


The cute features and this cute cat really fascinate me!!! It even looks good in my hands. Haha! Vain, right? I know!

And recently, I heard that they have this contest where one can win this beautiful phone!


I wouldn’t mind having this as a CHRISTAMS GIFT, really!

Oh, I wish, some Santa Claus out there will grant my wishes!
I’ll be nice, promise! *wink-wink*

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