The SupaFest 2010 Concert

A Saturday night with Sean Kingston, T-Pain, Kelly Rowland and Florida - HELL, they rocked Manila! Woohoo!

As the night sky cleared up at the Concert Ground of SM Mall of Asia, fans of the said four artists gathered and readied themselves to get wild and funky with the cool and awesome music of these four.

I, myself, together with my friend Princess, readied our cameras and our strong legs to jump up and down while holding our camera high up the sky while swaying to the beat just to catch the happenings at the stage, which is like 100 steps away from us. Hahaha! What we had was a silver ticket, but nonetheless, we really enjoyed watching this concert. Superb talent, indeed!

So, here are my shots that I took during the concert. I also got some videos to share to all of you.


Sean Kingston took the center stage first, then followed by the very seductive Kelly Rowland, the T-Pain with his group Nappy Boys, and lastly, the Birthday boy, Flor Rida. In Flo Rida's performance, Git Fresh and Brianna, Flo Rida's talents, took turns in showcasing their talents.

Here are some of the photo's that I took Again, I'm a silver ticket holder, so, I'm sorry if some of these pictures are not enough. :-P

 The Middle Child with the Princess

 Sean Kingston

Kelly Rowland

 T-Pain with Nappy Boys

Flo Rida with Git Fresh and Brianna

It was a booty shaking night! And though our legs were hurting and our arms were kinda numb, we had a great night watching these performers.

Oh, now, I can't wait for SupaFest 2011!
I hope next year they'll have Kanye West, Jamie Foxx and Beyonce!

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