New Port Cinema will soon Capture the Spotlight

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to watch Adam Sandler’s newest flick - Grown Ups - to this town’s soon-to-be movie geeks’ haven – the Newport Cinema.

Located at the fourth level of Resort World in New Port, Pasay City, this “new world” cinema will give their patrons an amazing movie experience that we will surely love.

Though, when I got there not all cinemas were all functioning, but I’m sure, in a quick span of time, everything will turn out great. I saw the sample of the chairs they’ll be having for, I think, their 3D cinema and, boy, they looked all so comfy and cozy.

The video and the audio, for me, have this kind of IMAX effect. Worth every peso I think!

While, the seats on their regular movie houses has this lovely purple color, which blended well with the shirt I’m wearing last Saturday! Hahahaha!

And, oh, and the walls too! Hahahaha!

I belong!


Till next time, New Port Cinema!

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