Mystery Shampoo Revealed with Today’s Stars!

It was a night of glam and suspense as media practitioners, bloggers, and people from different walks of life attended the unveiling of the most mysterious shampoo EVER!

Took place at the Isla Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-la, hundreds of spectators had a first glimpse of this mysterious shampoo brand.

Present at the event were the stunning beauty of the Mystery Shampoo’s ambassadors, starting with Carla Abellana, the newest ambassador of this Mystery Shampoo, the ever beautiful Angel Aquino, and the wonderful Claudine Barretto.

Carla Abellana

Angel Aquino

Claudine Barretto

Now, I know you already have an idea what is this Mystery Shampoo.
You are right! Pantene!

Pantene introduced to us, along with their newest endorsers the wonderful and effective 14 Days Hair Transformation. And with this campaign, all these lovely ladies had gone through that 14-day hair treatment to prove the magnificent effect of the said mystery shampoo.

The new Pantene variant consists of three different boutiques – Total Care, Hair Fall Control and Glossy Shine – with complete hair care regimen products to address the tough hair issues of split ends, hair fall and dull, lifeless hair.

Also part of the said event were the young stars that will be soon hailed as the most beautiful stars on Philippine TV and film.

Andi Eigenmann

Erich Gonzalez

Also present at the event were radio and online personalities such as DJ Andi Manzano, Cesca Litton and Anna Kalaw.

DJ Andi Manzano

Cesca Litton

 Anna Kalaw 

These beautiful ladies had their own share of hair issues that they whole-heatedly shared to the attendees of the said event.

It was definitely a night of total beauty, hair talk and glossy fashion statements!
Everyone was wowed even more when one of the audiences got a chance to take home an Apple iPad for sharing her commitment to transform her life into a stunningly beautiful one! Congratulations, ma’am!

Thank you, Pantene!
May you keep bring beauty and glam to every woman in the world!

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