Travel the World with M&M’s

The world’s most favourite and most popular chocolate brand is ready to spread some more love and color to everybody as they introduce an exciting and cool news that every traveller and collector would love to have.

It’s not a toy, it’s not a shirt.... It’s the M&M’s Travel bag! Wee!

And yeah, I wanna have them all!!! Hahaha!

Now, you don’t have to worry about M&M’s candies melting in your mouth because these goodies are made for you to enjoy with your hands.

All you need to do is keep having M&M’s! Easy, right? But keep in mind that you have to kept the wrappers because on those wrappers are the points that you need to earn these goodies.

You need to earn 7 points to have an M&M’s Luggage Tag that will be very helpful to when you travel to different places in the world. I believe that every travel should have these tags. Especially “kikay” travellers!

While you’ll be needing 40 point to have the Sling cum Massager Bag that comes in three different colors. I want to have all of those bags! They are so cute! And the massager… 

Oh, love it!

You need to earn 80 points for the M&M’s Foldable Blanket. This is a must-have nowadays because the weather is getting cooler and cooler. And this is also good when you’re planning to travel to cool places, having a handy blanket in your luggage is a big help.
And lastly, in order to have an M&M’s Backpack, you have to earn 130 points.
Kids will love this!

I know that while reading this, you can’t control yourselves anymore and you just wanna run to the nearest supermarket and grab the nearest M&M’s pack that you see of to start collecting. Well, me too! Haha!

But, wait, take note that the redemption of these cute and colourful goodies will start on the 15th of July until on the 15th of October. You also have to remember that you can only redeem your premium prizes in 135 selected USSI in GMA, North and South Luzon.
Are you ready? I am ready! Let’s start getting over this collectibles and attack
M&M’s! Wee!

M&M’s collectors, you don’t wanna miss this for sure!
See you all at the redemption booths!

M&M's Fun Travel Hotline: (632)709-4847
Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm


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