Safer, Faster and Secure LBC Peso Padala for OFW Kids

Since the Philippines is one of the top countries that exports manpower to different parts of the world, it’s no wonder there are a lot of remittance companies that are popping out like mushrooms all over the country.

But how can we distinguish which is fake and which is reliable. And aside from being reliable, which is safer and faster? I think, we have one company in mind that speaks of reliability, safe and fast remittance company – LBC.

I have some friends and family who live and work abroad, and one thing that concerns us all is remittances and alike. It’s wonderful to know that we have LBC in alomost any point of the world that we can trust.

And thankfully, I had some wonderful experience with LBC, so I , myself, know that that LBC is indeed the “Hari ng Padala.”

And now that school year 2010-2011 starts, it is very important to have someone to rely on, especially for OFW kids who are waiting for their tuition fees from their parents who are working hard abroad.

One good example that I read about their experiences with LBC was this:

Asma, 25, who now works in the U.S. after her mother Gina, a nurse, brought her there.

 “By the time I was in Grade Five, I became aware that I was receiving tuition money from my mom, that she would send through LBC Peso Padala. My lola would always say, ‘O, dumating na yung LBC mo’—it had become a generic term for the tuition money that my Mom would send,” she recalls.

Asma points out that her mother would always tell her to study well, to value the cash and other items being sent to her.

“Mama always told me how hard it was to work as a nurse while she was so far away from me and my brother. She said that her remittances were her way of taking care of us and showing us her love. My tuition would always arrive on time whenever Mama sent it to us through LBC Peso Padala. It ensured that I never missed my classes and I continued my schooling until I finished my course,” she says.

Asma adds that seeing her mom’s sacrifice inspired her to study hard so she could get good grades and finish her education. It was a big help that she never had any problems whenever her school tuition was concerned. “Without those remittances sent by my Mama, I would not have the life I’m living now,” she says.

My father once worked in Japan as an OFW, so I can really relate to Asma’s story. It was really hard for us to grow without the complete guidance of our parents, and I’m glad that even though we’re apart, we were able to live and finished our studies at the right time.

Another story that I read bout the goodness of LBC Peso Padala was this:

The experience of JR, a copywriter for an ad agency, has similarities with that of Asma, but his father was a migrant worker in a far province, instead of a foreign country.

“From elementary school till high school, my father was posted in Zamboanga. He worked at the port area for the customs bureau. Usually, he would come home two or three times a year. Not surprisingly, he would send my tuition money through LBC Peso Padala,” says JR.

JR’s father was a diabetic and sometimes stayed aboard cargo ships to inspect them as part of his job as customs officer. JR remembers that sometimes, his dad would be stricken with gout or would be unable to leave the ship he was inspecting. Such circumstances became a problem if they happened close to the enrolment period.

“And sometimes, my dad would even forget that my enrolment was due the next day, or he would be sick, or busy. That was when we all appreciated how fast and reliable LBC Peso Padala could be. It’s a good thing that LBC Peso Padala is extremely fast: it arrives to the recipient on the same day it was sent. So I still was able to pay for my tuition, even if the money arrives on enrolment day,” JR recalls.

LBC serves as extension of every OFW family. It’s like an invisible granddad, or grandmom who watches and helped us in any way possible. The reliability, the security and the promptness of their service to millions of Filipinos all over the world has been their greatest power that’s keeping them, if not the only, one of the best remittance companies in the world.

LBC has 850 branches nationwide, and LBC Peso Padala remittances can be received through instant branch pick-up at any of these branches. LBC is committed to serving Filipinos no matter where they are, serving as a vital link between OFWs, migrant workers, and family members around the world.

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