The Pink Movement moves to Dance Floor

Did you know that there are 12 Filipinas that die everyday because of Cervical Cancer?

That’s E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.

In this event that I got to attend to, they told us that Cervical Cancer is caused by a chronic and persistent cancer-causing type of Human Papilloma Virus or HPV infection that leads to pre-malignant lesions that progress to cancer. It is said that cervical cancer, globally, is considered the second most common caner with 529,409 new cases and 274,883 deaths in 2008 according to the World Health Organization.

In our country, there are more that 27 million Filipinas, age 15 and above, are at risk of cervical cancer. Scary, huh?

And as women tries to fight this deadly disease, I also learned from the event that men (YES, M-E-N, MEN!), can help our women fight this disease. And that’s just by being honest and being monogamy. Though, it is not directly said that this cancer is caused by having sex with different people, it can help stop spreading any bacterium related to it.

And part of this good news is, with this GlaxoSmithKline's Laban ni Maria event with the cooperation of Sorciage by Wacoal, Artistry by Amway, Healthway Medical, Magic 89.9 and Team Manila, we can ALL help OUR WOMEN prevent from having this disease. Other than the screening, which women should do regularly with their ob-gyne, and vaccination, which is offered by GlaxoSmithKline, there’s the healthy lifestyle that we should all practice. And one healthy way of living our lives is by DANCING!

So, on this event organized by Brainbox Inc. and held at Republiq, an open-for-all-female dance marathon was held lead by one of the country’s best dance guru, Georcelle Dapat-Sy, entitled The Pink Movement.

Hosted by the Iya Villania, JC Cuadrado and DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9, more than 50 Filipina stepped it up to the dance floor to speak out their victory over cervical cancer.


Teacher Georcelle led the ladies, and the last and best woman standing will get to take home some awesome prizes.

 Georcelle Dapat-Sy

The participants went through four (4) dance elimination levels, warm-up/basic, hip-hop, advance hip-hop, semi-finals and finales.

These participants were supervised by a professional choreographer and one, two or more were eliminated according to how well they follow the choreography of Teacher Georcelle.


On the semi-finals, ten (10) participants were chosen to clash it out go get in to the finals.

On the finale, the last five (5) participants standing will be the chosen winners, but only one will take home Php 5,000, an iPod Nano, Skull Candy headphones and swag bags/sponsor GCs.

 The Finalists


Stellar was also present at the event as they gave the audience one steamy number! Way to go, girls!


It was one sweaty but really fun night as you can see how eager each of them fought to the very last leg of the dance marathon. Even Teacher Georcell had a hard time choosing the best dancer of the night.

 The Champion

And the end of the marathon, all is well as they were all sport!

Congratulations, ladies!
May this great advocacy spread like a wildfire so that we can all prevent our women from having this deadly disease!

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