It’s time for SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge

I barely play online games because I feel that my time is too precious to spend on those addicting stuff, so instead, I spent my time blogging something about food or go out with my friends to make “chismisan” over sumptuous dinner or attend food blogging stuff.

I just love to eat. And I’m so into desserts, really.

Well, that was until I stumbled upon this game. Hahaha!

I love SNICKERS®. Well, who doesn’t? It is one of my “hapontukin” beaters while working in the office or my power food for the day. And I’m glad that it never fails me. And lately, I’m ditching some of the events or gathering because of this new stuff I found on the Web and I prefer having my SNICKERS® in front of my laptop.

Meet the new partner of my SNICKERS® bars - SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge.

Sorry, my dear friends, I know this is not me, playing online game. But when you read about this SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge, I sure you’ll play it, too!

I would never love this NEW game if it ain’t just because of SNICKERS®.
And honestly, if there’s a term for a person who’s more addict than addict, I think, that’s what you can call me now. Hahaha!

This fun and easy online game is really a hit to me because, first, it is fun to look for a missing SNICKERS® bar. And second, you can have a chance to win some cool prizes. Isn’t that awesome?

You get to enjoy your favourite SNICKERS® bar, get to relish a fun and wholesome online game and have a chance to take home some amazing stuff like Sony Play Station, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Canon cameras, movie tickets and many more mystery gifts!

Fun, fun, fun!

Okay, so here’s the game that I’m so hooked into now.

All you need to do to play this game is hunt for the missing SNICKERS® bars and energize the people in the city to get rewards. Participants who manage to locate all SNICKERS® bars and restore the energy of the people in shortest time will win fabulous prizes!

That’s so easy to win something fabulous, right?
But wait, there’s more!

Aside from this game, SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge has a BONUS round where you can get to win more prizes.

Now, this is the fun and challenging part. So to all of you who love challenges, start keying to your computers and play this game now.

On this bonus round, you need to hunt for the Golden SNICKERS® bars across the Web to stand a chance to win prize! You have to look out for the clues on, Twitter & Facebook account of SNICKERS® and find out where are the Golden SNICKERS® bars.

There are more than a hundred attractive prizes to be won. So, hurry and start hunting!

This wonderful contest is open to Malaysian, Singaporean and Filipino Netizens, and it will run from the 8th of July to the 21st of August.

So, I guess, now that you’ve heard about this, I should hunt further and have a very keen sense of sight to beat you all! Hahaha!

Ready? Fight!

See you at the SNICKERS® City!
May the best SNICKERS® fan wins!

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