Inception on IMAX

It was my first time to watch in IMAX at SM Mall of Asia, and I must admit that I’m really excited for this. Especially when I learned that I’m having it for free and I’ll be watching one of the most anticipated films of the year – INCEPTION.

Freshly out of the office, geared up to face the strong winds brought by Bagyong Basyang, I headed to SM Mall of Asia for this exciting advance screening. Oh, yes, I watched it a day before it premieres in the States. Hahaha! I love you, Warner Bros. Philippines!

I arrived there on time, met the guy who has my ticket and as soon I got the tix, I entered the lounge of IMAX and got to enjoy the dinner that they prepared for us. Wee!

It was really nice inside. It was like entering a movie house on the old days BUT with high-tech gadgets. And since we have high-tech gadgets, IMAX has their own booth where we have to surrender these gadgets foe us to go inside the movie house. Hehehe.

Well, at first I was hesitant to do that, so I took some pictures first, for some souvenirs, and then finally decided to surrender it and headed to the line that was forming right in front of the cinema doors.

Inside, it was huge! REALLY HUGE! It was like entering Hogwarts! That huge! Hehe!

Luckily, by the time we got inside, there are still a lot of good seats available, so we immediately grabbed those seats and readied ourselves for this thrilling movie.

The movie was in HD, and I was really amazed on how SM brought to the country such an amazing cinema experience.

And as for the movie, IT WAS GREAT! I’m a Leonardo DiCaprio fan and though I didn’t like all of his movies, I’d say that this one deserved not just some applause but an award – an OSCAR AWARD! He did really great on this. Same goes with his co-stars!

As for the director, Christopher Nolan is a genius! Truly, a God’s gift for all suspense movie fanatics. He did a wonderful job on The Dark Knight and he did a superbly wonderful job on Inception. The casts are all impressive, the characters were unbelievable but really captivating and the plot was breath-taking right from the very start.

All I can say now, really, is... INCEPTION NOW SHOWING!
Watch it on IMAX for a full rollercoaster ride! It is worth every penny! :-)

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Thanks, Warner Bros. Philippines! Thanks SM IMAX!

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