My 27th Birthday!

Gahd! I'm tooooooo old! Ugh!
Hahaha! Well, I'm happy, so who cares about the numbers, eh? Heheh.

Last night, one of my wishes was to have some peace of mind. And God is, indeed, really good. He granted my wish. Since school days starts rolling and my parents had some appointment with their doctors, I have the whole house by myself whole morning til afternoon! Hahaha! Thank you, God! You're the best!

Then, 3pm came, I left home to attend a mass in Baclaran Church. And since my birthday falls on Wednesday, I'm expecting a jam-packed Baclaran Church, but when I got there, I got inside the church easily and listened to mass peacefully. Again, thank you, God! You are really the best!

As I was about to leave Baclaran Church, my aunt called me and said that she on her way to Becky's Kitchen. Wee! We met there and she bought me a nice and very delicious Coffee Cream Cake! Thank you, Tita Zeny! Muah! I love the cake!

And when we got back here in our home, my Ermats cooked some spaghetti for me! Yummy! (yeah, I'm still a kid and I still enjoy spaghetti on my birthday!) Thank you, Ma! Muah! 

And then by 7pm, I met my super friends and we had some Persian dinner at Malate. To Bonsai, Ence and Mean - Muah! Muah! Muah - I love you, guys! My birthday wouldn't be complete without you all! So, technically, you completed my b-day! Hehehe.

I just got home and as I open my laptop named Lester, the rain begins to pour. Lucky me!

Happy birthday to me! My love goes to all who greeted me (elementary classmates, high school classmates, college classmates, former professors, friends, officemates, bloggers, PR peeps and some strangers, lols) through Facebook, Plurk and SMS. Muah to all of you!

I had a one blessed and lucky birthday!
Thank you, God, for all the blessings! Muah!

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