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I just got home, and I'm so happy and I'm very full from that wonderful experience I had with La Maison Cafe peeps.

Really, guys, thank you again for  that wonderful experience.

The night was full of firsts.

Though, this was my second time here, and second time to see Robi, this was the first time that I got an invite for a food event here at La Maison Cafe. So thank you, sir! I really had a great time with you all!

It was my first time to meet the co-owners of La Maison Cafe - Dayle and Cla. Pleasure to meet you, guys!

I was kinda amazed to see young people being successful on what they love to do, so congratulations to both of you!

And also, it was my first time to  meet a professional food photographer and see him in action. Nice to meet you, Sonny!

And all the other guys who were there, I'll add you on Facebook, all right? Hehe.

Okay, for the food event. They introduced us to 15 food pieces that really filled my tummy tonight! Not that I'm complaining, I just really wish that I wore something loose. Hahaha!

So to give you a quick preview on what I had tonight, well,here they are. We had a salad for starter, then we had some chicken, then beef, then beef again, then steak with fish and fries, (that joke that Dayle told to us about fries still rings in my ears. lols.), then some barkada set with steak, beef and chicken (really, this is worth every peso that you'll spend), then some mussels, then some oysters, then a pan of pizza, then, a complete meal set which consisted of rice, salad mussels and chicken, then some grilled fish with salad, then some vegetable dish, then some chicken meal set, then pasta, then we also had a dessert with ice cream, a fruit juice and some flavored beer. Whew!

And these are my favorites:

Steak Pizza

Have you tried one? You should! I can have this all day! Haha!

Baked Oysters

Really stuffed and really delicious!

Raspberry Beer

I'm not that of a beer drinker, but this one, I really, really love! This is the sweetest I've ever had!

I'll give come up with my complete blog of this experience in the following days, so watch out for it!

Now, looking at these pictures and thinking all about them makes me so happy. Hahaha!
Really, I cannot believe that I had it all. Hahaha!

Thank you, La Maison Cafe!
I hope there'll be next time!

La Maison Cafe
3rd Level, Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 729-9080

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