The Gathering of Bosses at PLDT-SME Nation’s Bossing Ako

It was a night of glam, fun and excitement as PLDT SME Nation presents their top 16 ambassadors – THE BOSSINGS – who are serving the country as very good role models when it comes to their business or businesses.

The program, which was hosted by Mr. Arnel Ignacio, Mr. Tim Yap and the beautiful Miss Bianca Valero at NBC Tent, was a night that these 16 bosses will never forget. It was a spectacular night to give honours and recognition to these ambassadors who share their passion and dedication to their respective businesses.

Tim Yap, Bianca Valero and Arnel Ignacio

The first boss who took the stage, the owner of Belo Medical Group, Miss Cristalle Henares. Unfortunately Dr. Vicki Belo was said to be in London for some medical fora so she wasn’t able to show up that night.

Miss Cristalle Henares

Second was the boss of my favourite clothing line nowadays, Mr. Ronald Pineda of Folded and Hung.

Mr. Ronald Pineda

Third was Mr. Jay Aldeguer of Island Souvenirs. I was so happy to see models wearing some Island Souvenir’s shirt, I love those shirts!

Mr. Jay Aldeguer

Fourth was the boss of RFM and Joey Pepperoni, Mr. Joey Concepcion. All along I thought that the Chef Mr. Joey that I saw in their stores was a real Italian. (The one on their life-size stand-upper). He’s a Pinoy din pala. Hahaha!

Mr. Joey Concepcion

Fifth, the bosses of North Park, husband and wife Mr. Rapahael and Jenni Soon. Oh, I miss North Park!!!

Mr. Rapahael and Jenni Soon

Sixth, represented by their sister, the bosses of Pampanga’s Best, Darius and Carlo Hizon. My mom loves Pampanga’s Best, so do I. :-)

Seventh, Mr. Gardy Cruz filled our tummy that night with his Pansit Malabon Express.! Thanks, sir!

Mr. Gardy Cruz

Eighth, and the most awaited bosses that night, (and I believe the most applauded), the bosses of Regal Films, Mother Lily Monteverde and Roselle Monteverde – Teo.

Mother Lily Monteverde

Ninth, the big boss of one of the most popular salon nowadays - Reyes Haircutters, Mr. Les Reyes.

Mr. Les Reyes

Tenth, the bosses of Silverworks, the stunning siblings, Mr. Louie and Dulzzi Gutierrez.

Mr. Louie and Dulzzi Gutierrez

Eleventh, the generic boss of Generics Pharmacy, none other than Mr. Benjamin Liuson.

Mr. Benjamin Liuson

And the last but not the least, the boss of PLDT, TV5, Cignal, Digital Television, Smart Communications and, now, Burger King Philippines, Mr. MVP himslef, Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan.

Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan

I had a great time looking up to these people who strive very hard to achieve their goals in their lives, to help their fellow Filipino uplift their livelihoods and place our country to a more stabilized economy.

Congratulations to all of you and keep up the good work!

And to inspire us more, an original song entitled “Bossing Ako” was performed by Rico Blanco and one of our country’s pride, Mr. Arnel Pineda.

with Rico Blanco

with Arnel Pineda

Thank you, PLDT SME Nation!
May we all be a blessing to other! Keep up the good work!

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Unknown said...

What an event!!!!Congratulations!!! To inspire us more and to not only dream to become one of those entrepreneurs, but to really aspire for it, can you post the vid of Arnel (with Rico) doing "Bossing Ako"? Pleaseee.....

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, Maria Isabel.

Thanks for droppin by!
I'll post the video as soon as I uploaded it on Youtube. I'm having problems pa kasi uploading it eh. I'll let you know one I uploaded it. :-)