I super enjoyed the Then & Now massive Music Festival

It was my lucky day!

I had a VIP ticket, I had an All-Access Pass, and I got a chance to talk and had a picture taken with the artists of the BEST CONCERT ever in the Philippines – Then & Now Massive Music Festival.

The concert was started by one of the country’s upcoming stars, Myrus.


Darn, that 2 Become 1 rendition was really good! I love, love, love it! I’m a big fan of Spice Girls, and this was the first time that I am impressed by a Spice Girl song rendition.

Then, the Massive Music Festival was formally opened by the Youtube’s leading boy band sensation – V Factory.

V Factory

These guys got into my nerves for real! They woken up the sleeping ‘boy band fanatic’ in me! Hahaha! They are all so adorable and very nice! I like Nathaniel a lot! Hahaha! Now, don’t hate me because I’m a boy band fan, all right! Hahaha!

After that one great opening act from the guys of V Factory, the event gave way to the hottest act of the night. The girls cannot help but to scream and shout as the guy from the “Westside” flaunt his oh-so-sexy body with his latest song – it’s TQ!


TQ popularized the song “Westside”, and I know that most of you who have the same age range as mine knew this guy and love his songs so much. But one thing that I didn’t expected that night, was he’ sreally, really cool and really, really great on-stage. The crowd loves him so much based from the shrill of the girls and claps of the guys when he sang and grooved to his old and latest hits! I love TQ! YOU ROCKED OUR WORLD! And we hope that you visit us again!

The next act belongs to the man that I have a high respect now. It is so nice to know when someone from the foreign land recognizes the great influences of Filipino artists. During the act of PM Dawn, he mentioned something in respect to Francis M. I believe the two got to know each other when the Master Rapper revived one of PM Dawn’s songs. So to you, PM, Dawn, thank you for the respect to Francis M. And we love you, really!

PM Dawn

After PM Dawn’s very relaxing act, the stage was conquered by the one and only Diana King! Who doesn’t love her revival of “Say a Little Prayer” for the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding?

Diana King

She was really cool up in the stage. I love all the songs that she performed, especially “Shy Guy.” Hahah! Until now, it keeps playing in my mind. Lols.

Next, Frankie J gave the audience some of his latest songs that made them shook their booties. Hehehe. I never thought that his voice sounded that soothing. It was really great watching him up there. The outfit and songs were so RnB. And I love RnB, so I love Frankie J!

Frankie J

Then, the performance that rocked the stage was from Baby Bash and his gang. Oh, man, that was one hell of a performance. They were so hype and energetic and really gave the best that they could to entertain their audience. At backstage, the guys mingled with us as if they are not that popular. They are so humble and really cool.

Baby Bash

Then, the most awaited artist that night made the audience roar – Jojo!


OMG, she’s so pretty and really, really good! No wonder a lot of teens are going gaga over her. She’s awesome and if I may add “hot”. Plus, she sang six songs! Woohoo! The audience really loved her that night.

Then, right after Jojo’s fantastic performance, the audience were serenaded by the guys of All-4-One! OMG again! I love I Swear! Hahaha! They brought back a lot of fun memories when they sang it. Plus, it gave me chill hearing their other songs. Wonderful job, guys! We’re hoping to see you all again soon!


And finally, this super fabulous concert was closed by the girls of SWV. Oh, man, I glanced at the other audience and it seemed that they never forget these ladies who popularized “Weak”. It was like going back to the 90’s with a better fashion style! Hahaha!


This is one hell of a night that I am sure that I will never forget. A lot of firsts happened to me here that brought back good memories – first VIP pass, first all-access pass and it was also my first time to have a photo taken with foreign artists.

So, as what ABBA song says” So, I say thank you for the music, the songs I’ve singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bring. Who could live without it?  I asked you all honesty, what would life be? Without a song and dance, what are we? So I say thank you for the music for giving it to me”

Thank you, Divan Media Group for bring these great artists to the Philippines.
Till next year, I hope!

More pictures here.

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