BGC Food Tour: Italianni’s Restaurant

After the mouth-watering, sweet “appetizers” of Sonja’s Cupcakes and Miss Desserts, and the lip-smacking post-lunch of Polu Kai Grill, both can be found at Serendra, the group is now ready to conquer Bonifacio High Street.

Bonifacio High Street

Just across Serendra is one of the metropolis’ most sought-after hangout places. It houses some of the world’s top-of-the-brand boutiques and authentic restaurants.

Mr. Ivan Man Dy

And as we continued the Bonifacio Global City Food Tour, which was still headed by Mr. Ivan Man Dy of, the group is now headed our next destination -Italianni’s Restaurant. Wee!

Italianni’s is a dear place to me for I spent a sumptuous dinner here with one of the people I met in this blogging world and she is now a very good friend of mine.

As we entered the shop, since it was so spacious, I didn’t expect that we will be occupying the entire space, but we did! Hahaha! That’s how many we were on this BGC Food Tour. And even the group was that big, I am glad that we got a good seat where we will be enjoying the delicious offerings of Italliani’s.

Their first offering to us, the Dalandan Juice.

Dalandan Juice

Perfect! After that long walk under the scorching heat of the sun, this Dalanadan Juice really quenched our thirst and readied us for an Italian cuisine adventure!

From Hawaii courtesy of Polu Kai Grill to Italy courtesy of Italianni’s Restaurant. Great, huh?

Next, they placed a basket of Focaccia on our table. Foccacia is a flat Italian bread, sprinkled with a topping before baking (from Encarta) – as appetizer.


Okay, great!
Now, this was the part we all enjoyed.

Italianni’s Restaurant presented and offered us two of their bestsellers:

Shrimp Mushroom Linguini

Shrimp Mushroom Linguini - shrimps and mushroom sautéed in garlic, olive oil and tossed in linguine with marinara sauce.

The marinara sauce was, for me, perfect! I don’t like my marinara sauce with lots of garlic because I find it too tangy. So this one, the spice was perfectly blended with the shrimp, mushroom and the al dente linguini. Yum! The shrimp and mushroom were cooked really well, easy to eat if I may add. And the best of it all, they served it hot – a perfect match to that good-looking pizza that’ll be filling my plate next. :-P

Classico Pizza

Classico Pizza - Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers with mozzarella and Romano cheese.

This one is the love! The thin crust dough and oozing flavour of the sauce and the Romano cheese on top of it was really delizoso. I’m not a fan of thin- crust pizzas, I’m a big eater of pizza so I always prefer the thick one, but I think with this one, I’ll pass to those thick crusts because this was really tasteful. Plus, I’m on a diet (wink-wink), so this was a good deal for me.

We just spent some 20 minutes of Italian dining here at Italianni’s Restaurant, and even though that was really quick, I enjoyed the whole experience. The managers are all accommodating, one even dropped by our table and asked if we want more and even shared some infos about their offerings. While the staffs, they are all attentive and efficient that day despite of the huge number of guests they had.

Till next time, Italianni’s!
And till my next blog about Bonifacio Global City Food Tour!

Buon appetito!

Italianni’s Restaurant
Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
(02) 8564094 and (02)8563890

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