BGC Food Tour: The Ice Cream Bar

The long wait is over as my most favourite part has come – DESSERT! Wee!

I’m a dessert person, and when Mr. Ivan Man Dy of told us that we’re going to have our dessert-slash-merienda right then there at The Stock Market, the smile on face blossomed more because I already know what he’s talking about – the Ice Cream Bar.

Ice Cream is a dessert haven located inside The Stock Market. It offers refreshing and luscious local and international cold desserts that you’ll surely love.

The Ice Cream Bar at Bonifacio High Street

The first dessert they offered to us was the Mangga’t Suman.

Mangga’t Suman

A combination of mango- flavoured ice cream and hot suman drizzled with caramelized muscovado sugar. The mango ice cream was good, really refreshing, while the suman was exceptional. I had different sumans before, but this one was a really exceptional. The taste of the suman with caramelized muscovado sugar registered to my palette really, really well. And the flavour was really fantastic. A traditional dessert with such a great impact to my palette, two thumbs up for this one.

The next dessert they offered  has mango, too – Mango Sago Sorbet.

Mango Sago Sorbet

Since I already had mango, this one doesn’t have that much impact to me. I’m not saying it’s not good, but comparing the looks of this one to the first mango dessert, I’d still prefer the first one. The only thing, I think, that stands out about this dessert was the fresh and citrusier flavour of the mango. Since this is a mango sorbet, you can really taste the freshness of the mango on this one.

And the last but not the least, and also the best among the rest – Belgian Chocolate Champorado. MY FAVOURITE!

Belgian Chocolate Champorado

This is the winner for me in this entire Bonifacio Global City Food Tour. I think I’ll keep coming back to The Ice Cream Bar because of this one.

The use of risotto and Belgian chocolate to make that champorado at the bottom made this whole dish, for me, very satisfactory. My fellow bloggers noticed that I really fell for this one. The raspberry ice cream on top gave this whole champorado thingy a different “cool” twist. This is really a great twist to Filipino all-time favourite merienda. I never thought that champorado and ice cream can taste this good. I love, love, love it! I can’t wait to return to The Ice Cream to have another indulgence on this very unique and wonderful creation.

Those three cold desserts were just perfect! A summer heat buster!

And with The Ice Cream bar’s generosity, they also shared to us their bestseller, the healthy and figure friendly Frozen Yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt

So, for those health and weight conscious, no need to worry, because The Ice Cream Bar knows what you need and what you want!

Thank you, The Ice Cream Bar, for this refreshing treat!
See you again very, very soon!  Promise!

So now, this concludes our Bonifacio High Street leg.
But the BGC Food Tour doesn’t ends here!
Wait for the final leg of this adventure as the BGC Food Tour explores The Fort Strip!
Till my next BGC Food Tour blog!

Happy eating!

The Ice Cream Bar
Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
(02) 8566300 / (02) 8566301

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