BGC Food Tour: Amber Ultralounge

Sadly, we’re on our last destination for the Bonifacio Global City Food Tour, and as Mr. Ivan Man Dy of took us to our final foodie destination at The Fort Strip here in Bonifacio Global City, this man of the hour ended this shebang exceptionally well with the newest bar in town – Amber Ultralounge.

Amber Ultralounge at The Fort Strip

I’ve been here before, so I wasn’t expecting that much. Though, the first time I went here was just to check the place out and to have “a drink”, I haven’t explored the entire place and tasted their bestsellers drinks and must-try foods.

So now, with the gang of BGC Food Tour, it’s time to give my “verdict” to this “first of its kind, modern hybrid chill out bar.”

We came inside at around 5:30pm of Saturday, so the exterior still doesn’t have that “club/lounge look,” but when we got inside, the interior gave a whole new meaning to the day. The ambiance was like pulling you to a different realm. The ergonomic, aesthetic and conducive design elements blends well with the state of the art EAW Avalon series sound system which gave a whole new world to clubbers. (In our case, the BGC Food tourists).

The generous management of Amber offered us three signature muddled drinks prepared by their mixologists.

The first in line, the Coco Lychee SmashMargarita.

Coco Lychee Smash Margarita

I loved it! The fresh coconut and lychee gave me that summer feel that I really enjoyed. This drink gave me the idea that I wouldn’t get drunk even if I take two or three shots of the other drink that’s been waiting for us.

That’s why I took three. Hahaha! Ssssssh!

The next one, which is a crowd eye-candy, is the Chocolate Martini.

Chocolate Martini

The Filipino local chocolate – Chocnut – dipped in a glass of Martini. Since the card says “Russian Standard”, this one was really hard to drink. I felt the strong flavour of Martini in my tongue and throat. Thank God, it has a Chocnut, it somehow “cleanses” the strong flavour of Martini.

And the last drink that was offered to us – the crowd’s favourite – was the Strawberry Mojito.

Strawberry Mojito

The sweet strawberry mojito was balanced by the little kick coming from the mint. The first time I took a shot of this drink, I didn’t like it. It’s like eating a grass because of the strong taste of mint. But gone 5 seconds, the awesome, tropical flavours will linger in your mouth giving you that refreshing feel. No wonder, in just 3 minutes, all the shot glasses were gone, it seems that all of us enjoyed the after taste of this drink. Heavy and mild drinkers will love this one, a perfect drink for cocktail parties, friends gathering or just some after party drinks.

The day didn’t end with just three drinks; Amber Ultralounge also prepared a delectable dish that also got two thumbs up from me – the spicy Boneless Buffalo Chicken. Really generous, huh?

Boneless Buffalo Chicken

I liked it, period! Hahahaha! I had four cuts of this one! Ssssssh again!

So, if you wanna have some intimate night at a bar, or some “Sex And The City” night-out with your girlfriends or boyfriends, Amber Ultralounge is the newest place to be in the metro.

Tthis concludes my VERY WONDERFUL Bonifacio Global City Food Tour. I hope there will be next time again!

Special thanks to Bonifacio City Global administration, to all the foodie station who’s been soooo generous to accommodate us and to Mr. Ivan Man Dy for this one of a kind experience that I’ll truly treasure.

Happy eating!

Amber Ultralounge
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
(0917) 850 – 8088 and (02) 887-6838

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