A Better View of Hotel H2O

Just a few hours after I posted my blog on Hotel H2O, I received an email thanking me about my post. And to my surprise, the e-mail was from the assistant to the General Manager of Hotel H2O, Miss Isabel Tabayoyong.

Thank you, ma'am, for visiting my site! It is my pleasure to share the wonderful experience that I had in your hotel.

Your place is really an Atlantis on the shore of Manila Bay.

And to give you all my readers a better view of Hotel H2O, attached on her e-mail are these wonderful, clear, dramatic and hi-res pictures! Thank you for these, Miss Isabel!

My pictures from my previous blog are DUST compared to these pictures. Hahaha!

Anyways, here are the pictures and more detailed infos about Hotel H2O. I hope this can you help you all, my dear readers. And especially to you, you who sent me e-mails, IMs and SMS inquiring about the place and planning to surprise your love one. Heheheh! You know who you are! Hahahah!

The Aqua Room

The Aqua Supreme Room

The Parkview Room

The Club Lounge

The Club Lounge

The Hallway

The Hotel H2O Facade

The Makansutra Asian Food Village

The White Moon Bar

If given a chance, I'd really stay here again for a week or two, and enjoy and relax the wonderful amenities and features of this up and rising hotel here in Manila City.

I hope, next time, the good news that I'll get has something to do with staying at Hotel H2O for FREE! Hehehe! Even just for a night or two. Lols!