Some reasons why you should pay a visit to Paradizoo Theme Farm

I really had a great time visiting  Paradizoo Theme Farm last Friday. That’s why I wanna share to you all some reasons why, I think, you should skip some time from your busy skeds and take a breath of fresh air in this small paradise at Metro Tagaytay.

With its 14-hectare total land area, located just a few minutes from Tagaytay town proper, this paradise at Mendez, Cavite has a lot of different sections where you can learn, love, appreciate and take pictures (of course!) of different earthly species.


Right on their front gates are the farm animals and breeding area. This section is where you can touch some of them and even have a souvenir pictures with them - a fun and safe farm animal encounter. One thing that I can assure you all, comparing this part of the farm to the other zoos that we have here in the country, the smell of the animals’ shelter doesn’t smell that awful. The pets or farm animals all look healthy and very neat.


One of the animals that really amazed me was the white carabo. It was like seeing a unicorn with two horns! Hahaha!


And the white cow with five legs, named Bull-tes V (Voltes V) was really, nice and he looked like the cow on Birch Tree cans only with an extra leg Hehehe.


Our tour guide said to us that we can milk the goats or the cows if we want to (that is, of course, if their milks are available). Nice, right? One awesome Farmville experience!


I also like how their pets or farm animals have wide spaces to loiter and run around. It’s like the Baluarte in Vigan City, really.


Aside from the interesting farm animals that you can see in this paradise, there are also these beautiful insects that will interest you.


I had a fun time taking macro shots at these beautiful local butterflies. Unfortunately the bees were on their breeding season, so we didn’t get a chance to meet them, only these ones that were kept in this glass window for teaching/learning purposes.


By the way, Paradizoo also sells pure and original honey at a very affordable price! Pure real honey, I say again.


If you’ll notice, the honey was a lot clearer compared to the ones that we usually saw at the supermarkets, that is, most of the plants or flowers that’s around them were coffee plants. So I guess, if you have those honeys, you are also having coffee at the same time. Hahah! Coffee two in one!


Anyway, in a farm, when there are animals, there are also plants – balance of nature. In Paradizoo, they categorized these plants into Vegetable Farm and Flower Farm.

Their flower farm was kinda simple, more like a small park in Baguio City. Unfortunately, by the time we visited the place, they just harvested the flowers, so only few were left, but still, they are so lovely and very nice. I like flowers, so I really enjoyed this part. Actually this is my favourite part of the whole lot.


Same goes with their vegetable garden; they already harvested their fruits so we haven’t seen much. Though, we saw some yellow eggplants and little squashes.


On the other side of the theme farm, I saw some tents and rooms where guests can stay overnight. But if you are up for a day tour only and if you get tired of all the walking and hiking, Paradizoo has a café where they sell some of their freshly picked vegetables and freshly cooked dishes, ingredients of course from their own garden.

And at the end of our trip at this one-of-a-kind paradise, we paid a visit at their Discovery Shop, where we bought some souvenirs to treasure this enjoyable place.


I hope to get back here to see more flowers blossoming and more vegetables that are ready for harvesting. I would also like to visit again to see more little farm animals and more, and more, and more tress all over the place.


Experiencing all these in a quick span of time, it made me realized how I’m still attached to this beautiful world – a world of reality and wonders.

See you again soon, Paradizoo! Promise!

Panungayan, Mendez, Cavite
Open from 8am o 5pm
(02) 899-9824/19
(02) 898-3605
(02) 895-7142

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