The Fairy Godmother of Recipes

Okay, fine, I’m admitting it now!

I’m a closet fan of Kitchenomics and, yeah, now I’m coming out! Bwahaha!

Del Monte Kitchenomics was, and still, one the many great influences why I’m a food blogger now.  I dunno what’s with Kitchenomics that I’m very fond of since I was a kid. I remember I always took the honour of peeling off the wrappers from cans of Del Monte products such as their canned pineapples, fruit cocktails and even opening the pasta pouches just to be the first one to read those recipes, which are back then, were usually found at the back.

I love reading and imagining doing those recipes... 1 cup of something, 1 tablespoon of that, 1 piece of this and voila! One Del Monte Kitchenomics wonder!

And last day, I was tested as I was left all alone in my aunt’s house and I can help myself but to crave for something sweet, tropical and healthy. This El Nino is killing me, and to help me cool down a little, my system seemed craving for some tropical fruits which are so in during this time of the year.

Since I am no expert in cooking or baking, I didn’t challenge myself too much. I was thinking of something that I just need to combine or mix to end this dessert craving. Thank God that I now have a laptop and a reliable wireless broadband Internet connection, I can visit Del Monte Kitchenomics online for more recipes. The fairy godmother of awesome recipes is online now! How exciting, right? Recipes that are just one click away, great!

I can’t go out of my aunt’s house that time, so I just used the ingredients that I found in her foodie cabinets and in her refrigerator. My betcha by golly wow, she has a can of fruit cocktail in her cabinet! Wee!

The only problem I’ve got in my hands was... What’s next? I don’t see any problem with eating fresh fruits out of the can, but then again, I want a dessert and not just some fruits. So, without further thinking, I ransack my aunt’s refrigerator and saw this:

And since the instruction at the back seems too easy to do even with a little heating of water and stuff, I took the courage to use this one for this challenging dessert. I felt like I was Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives that time. Lols.

So, as I scanned for some cooking-dumb-dumb recipes in Del Monte Kitchenomics website; I saw these two recipes that can help me to create an edible dessert.

The Summer Fruit Delight.

And the Pineapple Upside Down Mold.

And from them, I gave birth to PINKALOO! Hahaha! I love the color!


Again, I’m no expert in any cooking, so I just tried what I can come up with the stuff that I found in my aunt’s house last day. And honestly, I’m so glad with its outcome. Pinkaloo, tasted nice, really. I created almost 3 tin trays from a can of fruit cocktail and a pouch of powder gelatine. And I finished two of them in just a snap. Hahaha! I added some sugar to make it a little sweeter and some milk to thicken the gelatine, and voila! A girly tropical dessert that will surely satisfies my sweet, tropical craving!

I let it cool down for some minutes than placed it inside the freezer for some minutes again before I start digging in. The fruits are inside, so you can turn this one upside down to see its beauty or you can just dig just like what I did.

Thanks to Del Monte Kitchenomics for being there always. Even though, I didn’t follow your recipes right, you’ve been a great help to me. Indeed, you are my fairy godmother of recipes!

And now, yeah, I’m proud to say that I’m a Del Monte Kitchenomics Club member! Hehehe.

I can’t wait to receive new recipes, events invitations and promos from them, everything sounds too exciting! Wee! This means more food blogs from me! Wee!

So feel free to join the club too, or just keep following my blog for more quick and easy and fun recipes!

Feel free to visit for more details!

Happy eating!


Unknown said...

great recipe. and it looks pretty easy. hope you're recycling your empties. I decided to have a clear out so i got rid of loads of stuff i haven't used in years, you can even recycle mobile phones that were lying in a draw and in the back of my cupboard.

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hi, thanks for droppin by!

Oh, yeah, my mom used the empty can that I used as her flower pot. :-)

thetamedmaldita said...

Nice!!! I could still remember the Del Monte Kitchenomics shown before on TV. Im curious with the taste of pinkaloo :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

@Thetamedmaldita: Pinkaloo tasted more of a pina colada, since majority of the ingredients of fruit cocktails plus the milk that I added on to it. Hehehe.

I'm planning to try other canned fruits someday, peaches maybe...