Beating Future with Flash Forward

FOX Channel has been so generous for years in giving people all over the world the best of the best. And now, as the world turned up side down, FOX Channel brings to their loyal fans in Asia a show that will not just show you the future but will also give you an idea on how beat it!

FOX Channel Asia invited people from media to witness the first screening of the first episode of the most anticipated and highly applauded TV series in America today – the Flash Forward.

With FOX Channel’s motto “We Entertain People”, they certainly know how to catch their audience’s interests with this uber fun and uber award-winning event that they prepared for the Philippine premier of Flash Forward on Fox Channel.

Originally, Flash Forward is airing on ABC in the United States, but since FOX Channel was so kind and humble enough that they brought the show to Asia for us to experience the thrill and excitement of this new great show.

First stop, we had a fun cocktail party at White Moon Bar at Manila Ocean Park with our host Rovilson Fernandez and the magnificent sunset of Manila Bay as our backdrop.

The ambiance and the venue, mind-boggling but fantastic! The food and drinks, two thumbs up! The people, rock on! 

After the fun introduction party with our funny host Rovilson, we were then guided to a sumptuous dinner at Kamansutra, also at Manila Ocean Park.

It was a nice spacious restaurant that offers different Asian cuisines, from Chinese, Thai, Singaporean to Filipino that will make your tummy super happy! My tummy was super duper happy that night!

Then after some hours, the night didn’t stop there because FOX Channel also brought us to Manila Ocean Park’s newest attraction – the Aquatica.

Manila’s fantasy playground that showcases original Filipino’s talent in acting and amazing multi-media effects of pyrotechnics, brilliant lasers, special computer imaging, synchronized water jets, flaming bursts and a captivating music with a breathtaking choreography.

I believe we were the first ones who saw the presentation "Maiden of the Sea", and I guarantee you that this show was really amazing. Perfectly fit to Fox Channel’s theme for the night.

After the show, we were gathered back at White Moon Bar where the most-awaited first episode of Flash Forward will be shown to us.

As we sat on our super comfortable seats with hors d’oeuvres-full table, the show started…

If you like Heroes, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, Mad Men, Private Practice, Lost and Korean faces, you should watch this! (Oh, those are the shows that I always watched. Lols)

And also if you like reading Dan Brown’s novels, with his titillating and thrilling exposes, Flash Forwards way of telling stories was way better than that, with its perfectly chosen casts that will give life to this very wonderful event.

The plot was really subtle at first but as the story progresses, you’ll get hooked and wouldn’t wanna take your eyes off from the screen.

Two minutes and seventeen seconds would be too long for you to realize that you now wanna see the succeeding episodes as soon as possible.

This is, indeed, a promising show that will be a hit this 2010 here in Asia.

But of course, I wouldn’t wanna spoil the first episode for y'all who didn't see it, so I’ll just simply say to you, “This is really, really worth-watching for!”

After the screening of the Flash Forward, since it was really late, guests, like us, were given a room to stay in for the night at the newest and extravagant hotel in Manila, the Hotel H2O.

Oh, my! This place is heaven, UNDER THE SEA HEAVEN! Hehehe!

And since that was also the birthdays of our fellas, Mark and Ria, we had a wonderful time celebrating it in their huge rooms with wide plasma TV while watching the second episode of Flash Forward. Hahahaha! It was on on FOX Channel that night! Haha!

But seriously, the show was really mind-boggling. It will leave you thinking and wondering what will happen next, which I think was a good way to excite your audience.

Truly, FOX Channel’s “We Entertain People” was their simplest way to prove to the world that the best TV shows can only be found on FOX.

Thank you, FOX for this wonderful experience!
Now, I can’t wait for episode 3!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Govern your thoughts when alone, and your tongue when in company...................................................

Anonymous said...

Aquatica is so much like the Songs of the Sea here in SG.

If I'm not mistaken same company din ata yung nag create ng Manila Ocean Park and Underwater World of Sentosa. I maybe wrong.

Now, I'm curious to pay a visit there pag uwi ko! :-)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...


hey, thanks for droppin by!

Yeah, I think so too, one company is behind those two attractions. :-)

Still, you should pay a visit at Aquatica, the performers are all Pinoys and they are great.

Plus, of course, in Manila you can see a beautiful sunset which Singapore doesn't have. :-)