On Choosing Wellness at the 2nd Week of Nestea Fit Camp Hot

Apart from the very cool and exciting activities that were available on the hottest summer camp in the country today, Nestea Fit’s mother company, Nestle, provided a booth for those figure and health conscious campers for a free nutrition counselling.

I dropped by on this booth before joining in to any activities to check out what’s in store for me here. I met these nice people who told me and elaborated nutrition related stuff. I also got some suggestions on how to maintain the perfect weight for my height and how to balance my eating habit.

Choose Wellness Staff and Doctors

Thank you so much!

They also gave me this kit to monitor my nutrition, which means I still have 4 more weeks for this free consultation. Thanks!

 Choose Wellness Kit

After that wonderful consultation, my spirit was lifted and I felt so healthy and thin, hahaha, that’s why I immediately headed to one of the activities I really love in this summer camp, the hip hop dance.

Every week, the choreographer was changing, which means, every week, there’s a new dance step that you’ll learn from Philippine All-Star. Fantastic!

And this week, the moves were more of butt shaking, which I find funny and helpful in some ways, because I wanted to have a nice butt. Hahahah! After an hour of grooving to their sexy music, I took a short break, replenished my drying throat with Nestea Fit Iced Tea and saw him.

Joem Bascon

He’s been into football since this camp hot started, and luckily, I got  a chance to watch him play and learned a little on how this flag football played.

After some 15 minutes, it’s time for me to head to this next activity that I’m really eager to learn, the Zip.

I met the Master herself, an awarded poi dancer in the country, Mia Castro. I am so glad to meet her because she made me realized that zip or poi dancing was so easy if you just let it flow and enjoy the beat of the music and the spin of the zip or poi.

Mia Castro

And thankfully, I managed to control the zips, and “somehow” managed to not hit me more that three times. Hehehe.

And here's the proof:

And, oh, yeah, that hurts! Hahahahaha!

It has been a fun day again here in Nestea Fit Camp Hot. You will never be loss in this activity and you’ll be really inspired to play and tag along as hot models, camp hotties and other campers strut their stuff along with you.

See you again next Saturday, campers!
An, oh, yeah, a little bird tweeted and told me that Karylle and Derek Ramsey will be in the camp next week. ;-)

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