Hip Hop dominated the 6th Week of Nestea Fit Camp Hot

As the coolest yet hottest 2010’s summer camp comes to its final Manila leg, campers put their utmost attention to the most enjoyable activity in the camp – the Hip Hop Dance!

Eight competing groups battled to take home Php10,000 and to be named as the 1st Nestea Fit Camp Hot Hip Hop Champion.

I’m a fan of street dancing, which includes Hip Hop. It is one of the styles that shows the real feeling of the dancers and really pushes you to your limits.

Without further ado, here are the pictures that I took during the competition last Saturday.

Group Number 1

Group Number 2

Group Number 3

Group Number 4

Group Number 5

Group Number 6

Group Number 7

Group Number 8

Some of them were boring, some of them were really great, but I didn’t doubt when they announced that the winners were this group!

They were really great! And the use of those Nestea Fit tumblers, FANTASTIC! They really knew how to play the game. Hehehe.

Congratulations, guys! More power!

And congratulations too to Nestea Fit for this uber successful summer camp here in Manila.

How I wish I can join you guys in Boracay. Any takers? Hehehe.

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