Californiaberry offers Healthy, Delicious Summer

Last Friday, California gave out 50 free cups of their newest flavour, the Blueberry frozen yogurt.


And luckily, I’m one of the lucky people who got a chance to taste this wonderful offering. Thank God that there’s a Californiaberry store near my workplace, and so before the clock struck at 2pm, I’m excitedly went to their store and was one of the first few people who got a free Bluberry flavoured frozen yogurt! Whoopee!

This was my first frozen yogurt, and I’m glad that I liked it! It didn’t taste the sour neither that sweet, just with the right mixture of yogurt and blueberry making it really refreshing and really delicious.

And so, as I enjoyed eating this wonderful offering, I got a chance to peep in to some  of their other offerings, and I’d say that I think I’ll be a regular customer of Californiaberry because aside from its pocket-friendly prices, they have a wide range of choices for toppings and flavours.

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I’m sure healthy buff and figure conscious will surely love this one, especially with summer which just around the corner.

Happy eating!
Let's get ready for Summer 2010!

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