1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition - France and Japan

The night sky of SM Mall of Asia was lighted and delighted again as the competitors showcased their creativity and ingenuity for the 1st Philippine Pyromusical Competition.

It was a fun colourful night as France and Japan compete with other leading countries when it comes to fireworks display. And last Sunday, SM Mall of Asia was packed again by spectators from all over the world to witness this wonderful and exciting event.

The first one who strut their stuff was France. And to be honest, I find it boring. Comparing to what I saw last Sunday, the one with UK, France’s show was kinda poor. I even had a hard time taking pictures of their works because I can’t catch one beautiful thing that went up. But nonetheless, I enjoyed “some” of their colourful stuff.

And as for Japan, there’s nothing much too. Though, I find some of their tricks really fascinating. They have these cute geometric figures that wowed the crowd and there’s this smiley figures that made the children clapped. They also gave this intergalactic feel as some of their fireworks spread in teh air like some colorful blinking stars.

On this night’s performance, I can say that Japan out-shined France, giving us a more spectacular show.

Here are some of my shots, I hope you like them!


Next week, Singapore and Malaysia! So, see y'all there!

More pictures here!

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