The Aristocrat Bakeshop

What is a birthday without a birthday cake?!
Thank God that Aristocrat Bakeshop is just around the corner and open 24/7.


I first saw this bakeshop in Janice de Belen’s cooking show, and I’m so happy to know that Aristocrat is now offering delectable pasties and its kind.

Here are some of their mouth-watering cakes, petite cakes and sansrivals:

The prices are so affordable and they are all so cute!
Aristocrat Bakeshops are also available in Makati and Quezon City. And they also have little bakeshops in some Aristocrat Restaurants around the metro.

The petite cakes’ prices are ranging from Php80.00 to Php200.00
While the cakes are from Php300.00 to Php1000.00, depending on the flavour.

They have rhum cakes which remind me of Mayon Volcano and other pasties, too!

And if you want to put it in a box, they have colourful boxes which match your type. Really cool! I love it! I love colors...

And for the forthcoming V-Day, they have these three little cakes in a box. Just like the old days, but instead of three red roses, three little cakes… Sweet! Literally!

Ooooh, I’d love to have it as a gift on V-Day.
I’m available! *wink-wink* Lols.

Happy eating!

The Aristocrat Bakeshop
Roxas Boulevard
432 San Andres St.
524-7671 to 81


ohmski said...

yaman! uma-Aristocrat!

Admin said...

bongga! masarap balita ko ang sansrival (mmm)