Sol Gelato

One of the first and yummy dessert shops that you could visit in The Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill was Sol Gelato.

The moment you stepped inside this store, you’ll loose control of your jaw and your drool will just flow. Lols.

On a serious note, this is a better way to enjoy an ice cream-like dessert. Since this is a gelato, it has lesser milk, which means lesser fats. And the best part about this is you can taste it flavours really well compare to ordinary ice cream. (Try their Ferrero Gelato! It was so good!)

Their gelato is available in three sizes.

Piccolo – Php95.00

Grande – Php150.00

Cone – Php160.00

And if you want something with your gelato, Sol Gelato served them with a nice twist!

They have gelato that comes with Al Forno, which comes in three flavours:  carrot, banana walnut and molten chocolate. I’ve tasted all theses three, and I really loved that carrot one. It was so yummy!

Carrot – Php195.00

Banana Walnut – Php195.00

Molten Chocolate – Php220.00

Another thing that Sol Gelato serves is Affogato. So, for all the coffee lovers, this is a must try! A shot of hot espresso poured in a glass of two-scoop ice cream tasted really nice, so relaxing! The usual gelato flavour for this drink is vanilla, and if you are brave enough, I think you can have it in other flavours for a different twist. Hehehe.

Affogato - Php150.00

And to enjoy this drink more, try having biscotti with it.

Chocolate Biscotti – Php20.00

So, what are you waiting for?

Happy eating!

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