Heavenly Chocolates

I just had a memorable Sunday when I got to attend a simple yet very informative food tasting event at Heavenly Chocolates.

Located at Roces Avenue, just a few steps from McDonalds, Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City, this small yet very cozy, very heavenly place (for me!) is a perfect hangout place for chocolate lovers like me!

Mr. Benjamin Pedro, one of the owners of the place, prepared a little talk/seminar about chocolates, something I’m really fond to learn. Even though I had some infos about the origin of chocolates, the talk he shared with us was something unique since he worked in a chocolate factory in Singapore. (This made me wonder if he already met Willy Wonka.)

The best part of this gathering was, of course, the food tasting! And you may be wondering what they prepared for us…

Oooh… Here!

I got a chance to taste the four flavours of the world famous Sachi Black! Oh, yeah!

First, he gave me a bite size of the Sake. A nama chocolate mixed with the Japanese wine sake. I found this chocolate a little salty, but by the moment it touched my tongue, it melted quickly and the wonderful bouquet and flavour of sake covered my tongue so nicely.

Second, I had the Red Wine. The first one was really good, but this next one was the best! Just before I had a bite of this nama, I can already smell the sweet bouquet of the red wine in this chocolate. Just like the first one, it melted in my mouth so nicely and spread its wonderful flavour evenly in my mouth. And out of the four flavours I had that day, this was my favourite! I love the sweetness of the red wine combined with the bitter-sweet taste of the nama.

Before I had my third and my forth nama chocolate that day, they presented to us the new member of their menu, the Suman in Mango Puree and Hot Chocolate!

At first, I found it kinda weird to have my suman in a soury mango puree, but when I tasted it, the flavour is quite challenging for my palette. It’s delicious, no doubt about it, but the twist, I dunno how to explain this, its really unique. And sipping some hot chocolate made this set really exciting to eat!

Their Hot Chocolate was made wonderfully. It hit my chocolate meter right to its center! Very good!

This Suman in Mango Puree and Hot Chocolate  set is perfect for the coming holidays with its flavor and very nice color, Suman in Mango Puree and Hot Chocolate – a must-try for this season!

The third nama chocolate I had that day was the Champagne flavour. The sparkly white wine mixed with this dark chocolate was so nice. It wasn’t that itchy to my throat, which is why I liked it. I dunno how that happened, but it wasn’t itchy, really. Maybe the white wine made something to this dark chocolate which balanced the itchy effect. And though you may not have the white wine bouquet, this chocolate was my second best for the day.

Lastly, just before the end of the small talk that we had, the Mr. Nice Guy Mr. Benjamin also shared to us the Vodka flavoured nama chocolate.

This piece had a strong flavour of vodka, which made my tongue a little numb. The bouquet of the vodka was also strong, which gave me a doubt to bite it. I’m really not a fan of vodka, I’m sorry. And even though, I took the courage to have it and fortunately, it didn’t ruin the nice taste of chocolate. But if you have like vodka, you should try this. I’m very sure vodka-lovers would love this one.

I believed that these nama chocolates will cost you Php350.00 per box, which is not bad at all. And if you are planning to give something to your love ones this Yuletide season, Heavenly Chocolates also offers alternative gifts for you and your love ones to enjoy!

Thanks to Mr. Benjamin Pedro and to the whole staff and crew of Heavenly Chocolates, it’s been a very pleasant and informative Sunday!

Thanks! And see you again next time!

127 Roces Avenue (corner T. Morato)
Quezon City, Philippines, (beside Taste of LA)
1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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